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About the artist Cristina Ticovschi

'm a Romanian artist currently residing in Cannes, France, My creative journey encompasses a diverse array of mediums, ranging from ceramic, bronze, and PLA statues to collage, paintings, and digital artworks across various styles. Photography holds a special place in my heart, as I am captivated by the art of capturing moments and emotions. I believe that a piece of art is not only revealing the imaginary of the artist, but is also expending the viewer’s perception of reality and is engaging him on a voyage beyond the boundaries of his everyday life. My artworks are creating the bridge between my versatile reality and that of the viewer.

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Exposed in the Arista Gallery in Cannes Private exibitions


Painting academy in Melborne, Australia Beaux Arts de Cannes - Ceramics courses, France Painting and ceramic courses in Nice, France Self taught photography and digital art

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