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Oleksandr Dobrodii is an artist famous for his bright and soulful works. His creative path began at a young age, when he first picked up a brush and canvas. Oleksandr draws inspiration for his works from life, the surrounding world and literature, which are embodied in his paintings. For a certain time he worked as a theater artist, which significantly influenced his style and perception of the world. This experience enriched his creative vision, helped him master new techniques and was reflected in subsequent works. The work of Oleksandr Dobrodiya is a unique combination of reality and fiction. In his works, images of the present and the invisible, the real and the invented, merge. He masterfully combines time travel and a deep understanding of today in his works. His paintings are distinguished by a phantasmagoric style, transformed into a lyrical author's interpretation. Dreams, mirages, frozen moments of time - all this can be found on his canvases. In his works, Oleksandr creates a picturesque land of dreams that slowly moves the wheels of the viewer's imagination, creating an amazing and bewitching world where time stops and every moment is filled with special depth and meaning.

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2012, 2015 - Republic of Kuwait. Personal exhibitions. 2008, 2007 - Poland. Przemysl, Szczecin, Nowy Tomysl. Personal exhibitions. 2001, 2002 - Germany. Berlin, Potsdam. Group exhibitions. Constantly, since 1993 - Ukraine. Kiev. Personal and group exhibitions.


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The National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture (Ukraine)

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