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Cookies settings

Further information on the processing methods used, procedures and services is provided in the Privacy Policy.

We use a variety of types of cookies, including the following categories.

Strictly necessary (mandatory) cookies

These files are necessary for the proper operation of our website. They may include data required for registration on the website, subscription to services, saving the contents of the shopping cart, language settings, currency, and units of measurement when the user is navigating between the pages of the website.

Statistics and analytics cookies

Their main function is to ensure the collection and analysis of data on how users interact with the website. These cookies help us understand how many people visit our website, which pages are most popular, which features are used most often, etc.

With the help of such data, we can optimize the operation of the website and improve its performance, as well as tailor the content and functions of the website to the needs of users.

Marketing (advertising) cookies

These files are one of the content delivery methods used to display advertisements that are relevant to the user’s interests (including on third-party websites). As a rule, such cookies do not contain personal data, but thanks to them, the advertising shown to the user becomes more relevant and useful. In addition, the information collected with marketing cookies can be used to analyse the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, allowing to optimize a product or service promotion strategy. However, it is important to remember that the user always has the option to refuse the use of marketing cookies in the settings of their browser or device.

Functional cookies

These cookies help our website remember you when you return to us. They allow us to personalize our content for you and save your preferences and interests, such as your choice of language or region.

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