Riba-klyuch Key-fish Sculpture - Serhii Brylov
Riba-klyuch Key-fish Sculpture - Serhii Brylov
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Characteristics of the Sculpture “Riba-klyuch Key-fish”

Year of creation2023
Dimensions25 W × 51 H × 40 D   cm
Weight10 kg
Type of artsculpture
Type of packagingwooden box

Description of the Artwork “Riba-klyuch Key-fish”

Fish is one of the oldest symbols. Her image could be seen on ancient ceramics, in the decorative decoration of Bronze Age jewelry, and in household antiques. The fish sign is a symbol of health, and for Christians it is a symbol of faith and Jesus Christ. After all, the Greek word "fish" ("Ίχθύς") consists of the initial letters of the words of the phrase "Ἰησοὺς Χριστὸς Θεoὺ ῾Υιὸς Σωτήρ", which means: "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior". ". The main thing is knowledge, wisdom, experience, preservation of household property. Not only material, but also spiritual wealth of a person was tightly locked with a key. The motif of the lock, and therefore the key and the lock (lock), was primarily used in ancient rites of protective magic. It is based on the natural perception of a key as an object that provides protection. Ancient people widely used keys as amulets and talismans. Keys in the middle of fish. These keys are from my house in the Crimea.

Riba-klyuch Key-fish

Serhii BrylovUkraine
Original sculpture, 25×51 cm, 2023
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist
Serhii Brylov

Serhii Brylov, Ukraine

1974 Born in Kyiv, Ukraine 1995 Member of Kyiv Organization Youth Assotiation of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine 2000 Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine SELECTED COLLECTIONS Private Collections in USA, Denmark, South Korea, Germany, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Museum of Kyiv History (Kyiv) Regional Natural History Museum(Vyshhorod) 2011-2017 Kyiv State Mykhailo Boychuk Institute of decorative arts and design, Drawing Department, lecturer 2017-2019 Senior Lecturer at the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, Department of Drawing and Painting 2009- 2012 Head of Kyiv Organization Youth Assotiation of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine 2010-2013 Deputy Head of Kyiv Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine 2021-2022 Deputy Head of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine 2002 Scholarship of Mayor of Kiev City for Talented Youth for personal contribution to the City Development 2002 Certificate of Commendation of Chief Department for Arts and Culture of Kiev City State Administration 2003 Certificate of Commendation of Minister of Culture of Ukraine for personal contribution to the Development of Ukrainian Art 2011 Certificate for Assistance in charity event "I'll live", All-Ukrainian non-governmental organization "Association for Support of Disabled People and patients with CLL" 2012 Certificate for highly appreciated social work on raising educational background of Adults of Ukraine and the development of spiritual and intellectual potential of Ukrainian Society and the Ukrainian State. National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, All-Ukrainian Bureau "Education of Adults of Ukraine", The UNESCO International Institute for Lifelong Learning 2017 Diploma of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine for a significant personal contribution to the development of Ukrainian fine arts, high professionalism, multi-year creative and pedagogical activity. 2019- Acknowledgment "For high-quality fruitful activity and asceticism in the field of culture and art. III International Multi-genre Festival of Arts" Magical Melodies ", personal contribution to the development of the world festival movement in Ukraine, active and professional work in the jury of the international festival. 2019- Acknowledgment "For professional self-explanatory work as part of the commission (jury) of the All-Ukrainian project" JUST FALSE "in 2019." 2020 - Honorary award of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture 2020 - Diploma for the active community position for the expansion in the Ukrainian suspension of the sea idea and the renewal of Ukraine in the status of the sea power and for the fate of the project "Expedition 2020", the contest for a child child about the sea "Sea"

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