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A drawing is understood as the actual image made with a pencil, ink, marker, charcoal or pen on paper or other suitable surface. An art drawing does not necessarily have to use the black and white color range, but this combination is used more often. An original drawing created with this technique can impress with its detail. An artist whose drawing lacks a multi-colored palette must skillfully use all possible means to achieve an impressive effect. Hand art drawings look extremely complete and aesthetic. Sketches also use ready-made art images to draw, that is, copying, “redrawing” in an arbitrary form. These can be both professional art drawings and amateur reproduction.

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Poisoned mind
40×50 cm, mixed method/canvas
Michał Scheiding
My pastel work Bars
29×42 cm, pastel/paper
Natali Diduh
EcoMercy: Eyes of Nature
35×45 cm, pastel/paper
Natali Diduh
(True) Elemental Spell
50×50 cm, mixed method/cardboard
Ratibor Vishenevich
My pastel works Parrots
30×40 cm, pastel/paper
Natali Diduh
29×21 cm, ink/paper
Volodimir Moldavskiy
Meeting at a cafe
50×45.5 cm, oil paint/canvas
Kostiantyn Hudaiev
Blue Elevation: Grace in Motion
52×70 cm, mixed method/paper
Sandrine Piegay
Bubbles.Nature. Sea
35×25 cm, acrylic/wood
Lucy August
Bubbles. Fruits
40×30 cm, acrylic/wood
Lucy August
№ V6  Flash Graphics
47×47 cm, mixed method/cardboard
Valeriy Dzygalo
Flowers. Orange. Blossoms.
95×120 cm, silkscreen/fabric
Alona Shpendik
90×90 cm, sanguine/cardboard
Olga Vasilchenko
My pastel work Grace
29×42 cm, sanguine and pastel/paper
Natali Diduh
My Raccoon pastels
30×35 cm, pastel/paper
Natali Diduh
Winter 2
24×18 cm, oil paint/cardboard
Iryna Karpiak
29×41.5 cm, charcoal/paper
Julia Lihina
Academic production
40×60 cm, pencil/paper
Natali Diduh
Eagle owl
21×30 cm
Marie Ruda
The Night Face
21×29.7 cm, pen/paper
Ewa Dura
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25 Results Per Page