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Mariia Drozdova

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Mariia Drozdova

I work in such areas as painting, drawing, photography, collage, performance, installation. I received a classical art education, but also work in the field of contemporary art. Works of my authorship are in collections in such countries: Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, England, America.

Exhibitions of Mariia Drozdova

2018 – Festival Carbonarium, art space ‎Carbon‎, Kiev, Ukraine 2018 - Participation in auction AuctionFR, with the support of Galeria Sztuki STALOWA 2018 - Galeria Sztuki STALOWA, Warsaw, Poland, Auction XXXIII and pre-competition exhibition of contemporary art 2018 – New wave exhibition (New wave fast №3). Lviv, Ukraine 2017- Center for Media Communications and Visual Research. Kharkiv National University. V.N. The Karazin. International BarCamp "Karazin Media Symposium". 2017- Festival "Days of art performances", gallery "Dziga", performance, Ukraine, Lviv. 2017- Passed a competitive selection of 14 participants on the portfolio - a review with Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg (Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg), within the exhibition Christopher Makos: "The Age of Andy Warhol." The participant of the portfolio is a review. Cultural platform Isolation, Kiev, Ukraine. 2017 - Creation of an icon for the Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God. Ukraine, Kharkov. In the collection of the church are 3 icons made by me. 2017 - publication and co-authorship in the independent art and analytical journal Discourse 2016 - Galeria Sztuki STALOWA, Warsaw, Poland, XXIII Auction and pre-competition exhibition of contemporary art 2016 - Galeria Sztuki STALOWA, Warsaw, Poland, XXII Auction and pre-competition exhibition of contemporary art 2015- MONA INNER SPACES, exhibition REZYDENCJA, 2 projects, video installation, text, painting, collage. Poznan. Poland. 2015- "Ostatnia wieczerza" galeria Rotundra, UAP, Poznan. Poland. Performance, art objects. 2015- Up Gallery Berlin, Project " Not-Aufnahme/Emergency Room" for 48 hours Neukölln. Performers. 2 Performance and 1 share. 2015- Wystawa Końcoworoczna UAP. Pracownia Sztuki Performance UAP. Performers. Photo documentation. Curator professor Janusz Baldyga. Publication in the catalog " Pracownia Sztuki Performance" 2014/2015. Poznań, Poland. 2015- Checkpoint#8, Plac Wolności, Poznań, Design Days. Performers. 2015- Art Plainair. Skokie. Poland. Performance. Land art. Curator professor Janusz Baldyga. 2015 - The exhibition final stage of the contest Brewer J.C. Jacobsen's Portrait Award . The Museum of National History Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark. Video Project "Viands of the earth." 2015 - Up Gallery Berlin Exhibtion "UNEASE", Richardstrasse 43/44. Performers. Curator, Professor Janusz Baldyga. 2015- Yermilov centre. Exhibition "Zero without a stick." Ukraine, Kharkiv. 2015 - PORTRAIT NOW! The exhibition at the II qualifying round of portraits behalf brewer J. K. Jacobsen (National History Museum at the Castle of Frederiksborg (Denmark). The museum Erarta. St. Petersburg. Russia 2015- grant program GAUDE POLONIA. Curator, Professor Janusz Baldyga. 2014- Publication on Art Portal cultprostir.ua "The Art of Watching You" by Irina Denisova 2014- Kiev. Art Picnic Glory Frolova. ENEA Pavilion 10. Exhibition "Golden rain over us". Curator - Nina Murashkina. 2014 - Publication in the journal RETUNE 2014- exhibition Spazio-Tempo Arte HUMAN RIGHTS?#MEMENTO FONDAZIONE OPERA CAMPANA DEI CADUTI LARGO EUSEBIO IORI COLLE DI MIRAVALLE - ROVERETO TRENTO ITALY project " When the state begins to kill, it always call himself the birthplace"from Mariia Drozdova Ukraine, curator Roberto Ronca 2013- publication in the journal Kock magazin №5 2013-Christmas Fair in Yermylov center. Kharkov 2013 - Publication in the second edition of the print magazine "Irreversible fullness" 2013 - Gallery "Dziga" Lviv project "Cloud. invisible crystals "curator Volodko Kaufman 2012 - FLY Institute of Contemporary Art, Kiev 2012 - Nominated for six festival of youth projects NON STOP MEDIA project " Viands of the Earth " 2012- Days of apartment exhibitions "zero budget" project "Sincerity" together with Larissa Stadnik 2012 - Project Home Winery online gallery 2011- Ehxibition "A Garden of Laughing Animals" in frameworks of Festival of Irrelevant Art "Human Factor in Action", Gallery Kosturinskyi lane, Kharkov; 2010- Exhibition in the Library of Polytechnical University; 2009- StreetArt (painting in 76 Lenin Avenue) 2009- Gagarin Fest; 2008- Ehxibition "A Horse needs to be payed for" in fameworks of the festival of Expressive Art "Palate", Kharkov, House of Actors. 2007- Ehxibition "Way Home" in the hall of Repin KCAS #1, Kharkov; 2005 - Museum project "Artists of the Future", exhibition "Awakening", Kharkov, Art Museum 2004- Ehxibition "Own Corner" in the hall of Repin KCAS #1, Kharkov;

Education of Mariia Drozdova

2003-2007 Kharkov Art College; specialty - fine and decorative art; qualification - easel painting. Graduated with honors. 2007 - 2013 Kharkov State Academy of Design and Art. Branch of - fine art. Faculty of - monumental painting. Specialty-artist of monumental painting, teacher and specialist. Graduated with honors. 2009-2011 free listener on courses of painting, drawing and composition in the studio Vitaly Lenchin. 2015- Scholarship Program GAUDE POLONIA. Curator, Professor Janusz Baldyga. Rezedent at the University Arts in Poznan. Poland. 2015- listener at lectures of professor Marcin Berdyszak. Scholarship Program GAUDE POLONIA. Rezedent at the University Arts in Poznan. Poland. 2016- Studied 2d graphics 2017- School performance - Sandra Johnston and Alastair MacLennan, the program - "Searching for ways". Lviv, Ukraine

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