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How to add a post about selling an artwork

  1. Click on the symbol (CREATE), which is located in the lower right corner of the screen in the “Profile” tab. 
  2. From the list presented, select “Artwork”;
  3. In the window that appears, upload photos of the work and fill in all the required fields (name of the artwork, its description, dimensions, cost, etc.). Required fields are marked *. 
  4. Then click the “Publish” button.
Please note that the photos you upload must be of high quality (at least FullHD), JPEG, PNG or WEBP format and no larger than 25 mb in order to ensure a comfortable viewing of the work. If you wish to make this work available for “print sale”, then there are separate requirements for the image, which can be found here.

The function of adding a print is not available for “SCULPTURE” type of art works.

After that, the specified work will appear in the “Artwork Gallery” section of your profile, and this event will also be displayed in the “News Feed” of the profile.

If your profile type is “Curator” or “Gallery”, first add an artist (link) and add works to his/her profile.

Please note that using the “Basic” subscription type it is possible to add only a limited number of artists and works.