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How to add “Print” to original artwork

Please note that now, Jose Art Gallery is conducting Beta testing of the platform. As such, it is currently not possible to purchase a print through Jose Art Gallery.
Once you have added a work of art to your artwork gallery, you can make the work available for printing on canvas or photo paper.

To do this, you need to go to your “Artwork Gallery” and click in the upper right corner of the selected work. Select “Add Print” from the options provided.

Step 1
An image of the work you uploaded earlier will automatically be displayed in the open window.
Select the desired aspect ratio and move the square nodes on the image to select the area to print. However, please note that reducing the area may affect the available sizes. Read more here.
If the image meets the requirements for printing, the “PRINT SIZES AVAILABLE TO YOU” area will display size options. If not, you should upload a higher resolution image or select a different area to print.

Step 2
Select the types of prints available: Photo Paper and/or Canvas (various edge options).

Step 3
Set a price.
In the table you will see the minimum possible cost of each available size of this print. By moving the slider across the table, you can increase the cost for the print. The total cost and amount of profit will change in the table.
Once everything is correct, click the “Publish” button. All set.
After that, the print will be available for purchase.

When someone submits a request to purchase a print, you will be notified. Nothing needs to be done on your part. Our specialists will produce a high-quality print and send it to the buyer.

Please note that printing and shipping may take up to 10 days from the date of sale. After the buyer receives the print, you will be paid a percentage of the sale within 10 days.