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Price of an artwork

It is always up to you to decide how much to charge for your work, but remember that pricing is critical to selling. You should understand that potential buyers, when getting acquainted with your work, can compare your works and their prices with the works and prices of other authors. We can only recommend you to be consistent in the formation of pricing for your work, based on the principles and methods of pricing the art market as a whole.
When pricing your work, we recommend considering the following factors:
  • The size of the work, the basis, materials, as well as the amount of time spent;
  • Your achievements as an artist, namely: awards, exhibitions held, press reviews, etc.
For a greater likelihood of selling your work, we recommend exhibiting work in various price categories. For example, many people may be delighted with your creativity, but, unfortunately, they cannot afford to spend USD 2,000 to purchase your work, but they will easily give USD 200 for smaller work.

By offering works of different price categories, you simultaneously attract the attention of buyers with different financial capabilities, many of whom can later become your fans and regular customers.