Tess, woman of the moorland Photography - Geert Lemmers
Tess, woman of the moorland Photography - Geert Lemmers
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Tess, woman of the moorland

Geert LemmersNetherlands
Original photo, 80×100 cm, 2020
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Characteristics of the Photography “Tess, woman of the moorland”

Year of creation2020
Dimensions80 W × 100 H × 2 D   cm
Type of artphotography
Type of packagingcardboard box

Description of the Artwork “Tess, woman of the moorland”

Lambda c-print on acryl glass. In 'Tess, Woman of the Moorland,' Geert Lemmers bridges philosophical inquiry with artistic creation, weaving philosophical research and analysis into the fabric of his work. The portrait is a poignant exploration of human essence against the chaotic backdrop of the universe. By intertwining elements from various cultures and embracing absurdity, Lemmers crafts a narrative that delves into the irrational aspects of our world. This piece portrays Tess as an emblem of chaos, beauty, and imperfection, her visage a metaphor for the raw facets of life magnified into a fairytale wonderland. Through Tess, Lemmers continues his exploration of 'entities' amidst the beauty and disorder of existence, inviting viewers into a philosophical dialogue with the image.

Artwork in the interior

About the artist
Geert Lemmers

Geert Lemmers, Netherlands

I work in different techniques and it is all manual work: I take photographs, I make paintings and I work in the so-called new media, in which I "develop" or even improve my photographic work [we used to use a wet darkroom for this] but the software offers much more possibilities. With the help of NEW MEDIA I use [parts of] my paintings and photos and I can create completely new works of art by building them up in layers. My catalog therefore consists of three types of works: 1. Photographs that are printed on or under acrylic glass. 2. Physical paintings, usually acrylic and oil paint on canvas or wooden panel. 3. New Media works that are printed on or under acrylic glass. My paintings are of course all unique. My photo and new media works usually have an edition of a maximum of 8 pieces per artwork, but some selected works are sold as unique [maximum 1 copy]. You can discuss with me at any time about the design and size, but also about the price. It is important to me that you are completely satisfied; Given the interest from galleries and museums, I would have to set the prices much higher, but I think reaching you as a collector / lover of good art is more important than making money. My ideas and statements about ART: I think that art gives us back to ourselves in a renewed state. By paying attention to art for a moment, we tap into a source within ourselves and we gain access to the imagination. Art offers us new perspectives, makes us think and activates our senses. Art gives us value so that we feel we can be different from what we tend to think. She teaches us how we can free ourselves from our regular pattern, rise above ourselves and open ourselves to other people, to the world.

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