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Hi my name is Daria Dudochnykova. I was born in 1989 in Dnipro, Ukraine. In 2011, I graduated from the Faculty of Design and Art of (KNUKiM) Kyiv University of Culture and Art. Since 2009, I have been participating in exhibitions and teaching classical painting at several art schools in Ukraine. My paintings show a strong connection with my lifestyle and childhood memories spent out of town on the sea. I travel a lot, get inspired, and observe the water element. At the moment I live and work in my studio in Dnipro. "My mission is to create soul-nourishing art, both in serene seascapes that bring tranquility and peace, and amidst the tumultuous waves brimming with the energy and fervor of life. With each brushstroke, I strive to awaken a profound sense of calm, infusing viewers with dynamic vitality, inviting them to immerse in the soothing embrace of the sea or feel the pulsating rhythm of the surf. This heartfelt intention is to inspire and provide refuge from life's turbulence through my marine landscapes, crafting an oasis of continuous serenity and harmonious comfort, even within the most dynamic forces of nature."- Daria Dudochnykova

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2022 'The Crypt Gallery' In Los Angeles 11.09.2022 USA 2022 "Nft Woman" Exhibition In Los Angeles USA 2020 Lviv Art Fair Ukraine 2015 “Weightlessness”- Botegga Gallery Kiev, Ukraine 2015 Eleven Gallery Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand 2014 Gallery Dnipro, Ukraine 2014 Telega Gallery Dnipro, Ukraine 2012 Museum of Ukrainian Art “Whisper of the Sea” Dnipro, Ukraine 2011 Dnepropetrovsk Museum of Modern Art - Exhibition of young artists Dnipro, Ukraine


2006-2011 Art Faculty National University of Culture and Arts. Kiev Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine 1996-2006 Graduated from the specialized school №71 of art and architecture. Dnipro, Dnipropertovskaya, Ukraine 2004-2006 Courses in the class "Academic drawing, painting" (academic drawing, graphics, composition, painting) of the faculty of pre-university training PGASiA Dnipro. Dnipro, Dnipropertovskaya, Ukraine 1999-2004 Art school №1 Dnipro (drawing, sculpture, painting, arts and crafts, modeling) Dnipro, Dnipropertovskaya, Ukraine

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