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Olha Komisaryk

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Olha Komisaryk

I am an artist based in Kovel, Ukraine. I started my career as an artist in 2004 by taking a part in international Plein-air. However, I have been drawing since early childhood when I came to the local Art School. I think art is a magical view of life, it’s just a different point of view. And an artist has to share his vision. I want to convey to people the hidden meaning of everyday things and actions. My tools are a brush and a palette knife, I change them depending on the task. My paintings can be painted with flat spots or as textured layers or mixed ones.

Exhibitions of Olha Komisaryk

2004 - International Plein-air and exhibition in Poland, Helm “Art of Border”. 2006 - local collective exhibition in Kovel. 2007 - local collective exhibition in Kovel. 2008 - 1-st International Plein-air “Kovel Palette - 2008” and exhibition. 2013 - local collective exhibition. 2014 - 1-st solo exhibition “Breathing according to the world”. 2015 - local collective exhibition. 2020 - 2-nd solo exhibition “Indigo dreams”. 2021 - Ukrainian artists Plein-air in Odesa. 2021 - local collective exhibition, 2022 - Open Call, Gallery 118 "Yellow blue" 2022 - exhibition in Slovenia " Iz Ukrajine"

Education of Olha Komisaryk

I graduated from the local Kovel Art School in 1992. In 1992-1996 I was educated in Lutsk Pedagogical Colledge. 1997- 2003 - Rivne State University for the Humanities.

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