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Roman Rabyk

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Roman Rabyk

Roman Rabyk is a contemporary Ukrainian artist.His works are a reflection of the search for his own plastic language in sculpture and painting.Rabyk is addressing subjects that are important to him, such as choice, freedom, self-awareness, and human existence, with a variety of styles and techniques.He seeks to reconsider topics that have previously been established.In most cases, his works contain a secret, and he prefers to keep them that way.

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2015 International Exhibition "Autumn Salon" in Lviv 2016 exhibition in "Legacy" primitive painting in Poland 2016 student exhibition of sculptures "Pose" Lviv 2016 participated in two sculptural symposiums in Ukraine 2017 All-Ukrainian exhibition "Image of Peace" Kyiv.


In 2010-2014 he studied at the Kosiv Art School, Department of Artistic Metal In 2014-2020 he studied at the Lviv Academy of Arts, defended his master's degree

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