The Window of Faith Painting by Maria Great
The Window of Faith Painting by Maria Great
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Characteristics of the Painting “The Window of Faith”

Year of creation2023
Dimensions29 W × 42 H × 0.1 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsmixed method, paper

Description of the Artwork “The Window of Faith”

This painting invites you to reach towards God's ready-made dreams and purposes. On its surface, you see squares reflecting light and shadows in different ways, creating depth and inviting you to explore the window's landscape. At its core, this artwork is rooted in the artist's belief in the connection between humanity and nature, which finds its source in God's plans. The window symbolizes the opportunity to reach for God's intentions. I invite you to contemplate this artwork and let faith guide you in God's given dreams and purposes."

The Window of Faith

Maria GreatFinland
Original artwork, 29×42 cm, 2023
Not for sale
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About the artist
Maria Great

Maria Great, Finland

Maria Great a naturally gifted artist is a member of both the Helsinki Art organization and Finnish Art organisation. She infuses her art with spirituality her life experiences and an entrepreneurial international lifestyle. Her contemporary abstract art stretches the perspective and breaks boundaries exploring unseen dimensions and is also experimenting with vast scales and special commissions to redefine artistic expression. Maria’s meticulously handcrafted acrylic wall art, unique and custom-made works of art, breathe new life into any room. Vibrantly colourful and distinctive, in various sizes to compliment public places, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, boardrooms, offices or to adorn multiple spaces in a home. Buy a striking piece of artwork that’ll put a smile on your face, rays of happiness in your soul and charm visitors with a warm blast of dazzling sunlight. Luxuriate in making a valuable investment, whilst enjoying the harmonious frequency of their melodic and poetic cadence style that inspire a lasting impression of joy. Join the ranks of collectors who understand the true meaning of prestige and artistic brilliance. Your collection deserves the royal touch. Writer new book is coming BELOVED Inner healing book with revelation paintings

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