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Marcello del Prato

Artist from Italy

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 November 11th, 2019

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About the artist Marcello del Prato

Marcello del prato is a 22-year-old Roman painter who has accrued a following for his intense black and white oil paintings. His artistic path begun in his childhood and has become increasingly important as his life progressed. The intention behind his art is that of portraying the psychological unease he senses in himself and others around him. The choice to work mostly in black and white begun as an esthetic choice, but has become a deeply conceptual decision. He focuses on black and white paintings because he is interested in mastering form before diving into the study of color, which distracts the viewer from pure form and from the physical traits of the subjects he portrays. However, he is currently challengin his artistic style, and trying to find new ways of expression.

Exhibitions of Marcello del Prato

OAC Gallery Margutta is currently showing some of his works, ROMA Partecipated with Margutta AC Gallery to the collective show " 100 pittori di Via Margutta", 2019, ROMA Hotel art Margutta, ROMA 2019, solo show titled RE: ANIMA Winner of "Sensuability" contest, 2019 ROMA Monk 2018 ROMA collective exhibition collective show at Villino Corsini titled "INSTANTS" 2017, ROMA Teatro arciliuto collctive show, 2017, ROMA Teatro vascello 2016 ROMA, solo show titled "illusions" Clivo 2016, solo show titled "illusions"

Education of Marcello del Prato

Marcello has attended artistic schools ever since the elementary school. After graduating from "Caravillani " art High school, he worked 2 years as a painter selling works and experimenting in his home studio. This year, in 2019, he finally decided to start studying at "Belle Arti" accademy, in Rome, to deepen his artistic knowledge and to come in contact with a larger array of techniques and ideas.

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