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About the artist Alexandra Malyshko

Alexandra Malyshko is a talented Ukrainian artist known for her original oil paintings on canvas. She is a member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine. She specializes in a style called linear impressionism, which combines elements of both linear and impressionistic techniques. This style emphasizes bold, expressive brushwork and uses strong lines to create a sense of movement and energy within the artwork. In her paintings, you can expect to see a harmonious blend of precise lines and vibrant, loose brushstrokes. Her works often capture fleeting moments and atmospheric impressions rather than focusing on intricate details. This approach allows her to convey emotions and sensations through the interplay of colors, shapes, and textures. As an artist, Alexandra draws inspiration from nature, landscapes, and everyday life. Her paintings may depict landscapes, cityscapes, still lifes, or figurative subjects. Each artwork reflects her unique perspective and personal interpretation of the subject matter. If you're interested in acquiring an original oil painting by Alexandra Malyshko in the style of linear impressionism, I recommend visiting art galleries, art fairs, or online platforms that specialize in showcasing contemporary Ukrainian art. These venues often feature the works of emerging artists and provide opportunities for collectors to purchase their artwork directly. Additionally, you may also find Malyshko's paintings available for sale on her official website or through reputable art dealers.

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In her paintings, you can expect to see a harmonious blend of precise lines and vibrant, loose brushstrokes.


She's participanted in hundreds of art displays and exhibitions and has been the recipient of numerous prize diplomas. The majority of her pictures have been donated to charitable organizations and institutions within the region where she resides. She used her credentials to take the opportunity to take part In the 58th Venice Biennials showcasing such works as "That you lived in interesting times", She also participated in the "Falling dream shadow on the gardens Jardini" project at the Ukrainian pavilion. 2021-2022 «Рroject Intersection of Dreams», Australia-France. 2022 live stories of Ukrainian artists. Lacuna Festivals. 2021 «Familiar strangers».


She’s an architect by profession and a member of the National union of artists of Ukraine.

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