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Jozef Danyi

Artist from Czechia

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About the artist Jozef Danyi

Jozef Danyi was born in 1969. He lives and works in the picturesque city of Bruntál, Czech Republic. He is a self-taught photographer who specializes primarily in portrait photography, and his production has the hallmarks of mastering of a widely opened diaphragm and dramatic utilization of light. His distinctive creation is characteristic not only by its composition, but also sensitivity and sensuality. He has been actively participating in the International Photographic Salons since 2012, where he has received 61 eminent awards in 32 countries on five continents so far. In 2013,2017 and 2019 he represented our country in the World Photographic Cup, which was co-organized also by the FEP (Federation of European Photographers). The same Federation qualified him in 2014 for the European Photographers (EP) for the time period of 2014 - 2018 and simultaneously granted him the EP title. He is an active member of the Czech Federation of Art Photography (CFFU) and the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), which awarded him the title Artiste FIAP (AFIAP in 2014) and in the year 2017 title Excellence FIAP (EFIAP).

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2012 "Woman" Town Theater, Bruntal, Czech Republic 2012 "Portrait" Castle Vraž ve Vraži, Písek, Czech Republic 2013 "Portrait" Shiran Tower, Prag 2013 "Emotions" Central European House of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia 2017 "Between two worlds" Museum - Castle Bruntal, Czech Republic 2018 "The Eyes are the Window of the Soul" House of Cultur, Vrbno pod Pradědem, Czech Republic 2019 "From Trips under Chandeliers" X-FOTO Gallery, Prag Czech Republic 2019 ARTBOX Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland GROUPED EXHIBITION - Selection 2010 "Days of Photography in Levice - Synagog", Levice, Slovakia 2013,2014 "100th Southampton Int.Exh. of Photography", Oxford, England 2013, 2015, 2017 "Shenzhen Cup", Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China 2016 "Blind Pilots Project" Port in Warehouse C` Thessaloniki, Greece 2017 "Czech Press Photo" Old Town Hall, Prag 2018 "Art Connects Us" Gallerie na poddaszu, Prudnik, Poland 2019 "Walk of Art" Swiss Art Expo, Zürich Main Station, Switzerland

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