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Nature's glimpse and positive vibrations Kamroph Luxury Art by Rajnish Wadhwa done post graduate, from India moving ahead in offering magnificent graphics to art lovers. The blissful made paintings give soothing effect as colors carry great significance in everyone’s life. Besides Abstract, Realistic, lively, the realms carries Mandala art, which according to ancient sayings also represent the colors of dignity, spirituality, makes feel peaceful and enhances the grace of that place where it's placed. The mandala art is done by Rajnish Wadhwa's daughter who is also an experienced artist. The Rajnish Wadhwa’s art atelier is a free path to express the heart. Here our hard worked paintings reflect a glimpse of Nature, modernism and positive vibrations. The Mandala and other artworks are prepared with a flow of harmless colors exit mostly on canvas and ecofriendly paper. As humanity is known for the spirituality, affection & harmony, The artifacts are created by passion & from the heart using magical power of nature’s colors.

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Art & Artist Ambala 2021 Art & Craft Exhibition Delhi 2020 Art site Chandigarh 2019


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