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Artist Lena Votkalenko – nugget and amateur

08.12.2018 | 12:05
Artist Lena Votkalenko – nugget and amateur
Lena Votkalenko

Nowadays there are so many talented artists that it is incredibly difficult to single out one or two, and at the same time, they are all professional in their creation. But still, there are exceptions – these are nuggets, amateurs. They draw on a whim, sometimes breaking all the canons of academic art and, nevertheless, attract us with their inexplicable charm and individual handwriting in the paintings. We suggest to you also get acquainted with such an artist – Lena Votkalenko, she is an artist by mission, besides. Her works are always different, unusual, surprising and definitely inspire optimism. She told us about her creative activity in the interview.

exhibition july 2018
exhibition 2018
exhibition 2018

Who in your family needs to be thanked for the talent?
The only one person who could masterfully draw in our family was my grandfather on my mother’s side. He was also not a professional artist, but this did not prevent him from creating beautiful paintings. Essentially, he painted village landscapes and scenes of everyday life of the villagers. The wooden canvas was used as a canvas because another material was not available to him at that time. I believe that my grandfather was very talented, he painted better than I did, and if he had developed his ability, he could have become an outstanding Ukrainian artist. Therefore, I think that I should thank him for his ability to draw.

In what manner did your grandfather write? Is there something similar in your paintings?
If we talk about similarity, only the topic unites me with my grandfather: I, like him, love to draw nature and everything connected with it. Otherwise, our creativity does not coincide, in many respects, it is connected, most likely, with the time of birth, place and living conditions. I love the experiment in the field of forms, so I use different methods and techniques characteristic of modern art. I like the expression in the picture, bright, pure colors, non-standard execution.

picture grandfather, 1938 year

How do you determine in what manner and with what materials to convey this or that idea?
This is mostly intuitive. For me, the process of drawing is always relaxing, a flight of fantasy and thought. I draw what I want, draw with my soul, and I am happy that I am free in my choice and can afford it. I do not draw “under the order” and do not depend on the wishes, requirements and changeable mood of the client. My client sees the finished drawing and makes his choice based on the feelings and sensations that he feels.

Do you try to convey a certain idea with your creativity and, if so, which one?
Of course, I try and hope that I convey, like all creative people who come up things that make our world more beautiful. I think that my work brings beauty and mood because there is a piece of my heart and soul in it.

What are your future plans?
If we talk about short-term plans – to improve their skills, recognition in the market, to organize an exhibition, increase sales. To rise one more step in the creative way.

Who supports you in your work?
First of all, this is my family, which always supports me in all endeavors. And of course, my friends, colleagues, artists, and spectators are admirers of my work. Their support inspires me, gives me the strength to go on. For this, I am very grateful to everyone.