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Sandrine Piegay is an artist who discovered drawing in the summer of 2019. Self-taught, her talent was very quickly noticed since 6 months after starting, she was asked to exhibit at the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan. Today, this Drouot artist is a member of several internationally renowned academies and foundations, such as: -the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris, -the European Academy of Arts-France, -Mondial Art Academia, -the Taylor Foundation, - the Accademia Italia in Arte Nell Mondo - International Guild Of Realism - UNOTA / UNSCO Her drawings appear in prestigious art magazines and she exhibits internationally, notably in Canada, Argentina, the USA, India and several European countries. His artistic inspiration comes from travel, regions and the secret treasures that nature offers us. She seeks to capture the authenticity, the emotion of a fleeting moment through her hyper-realistic black and white drawings. The details, depth of field, volumes and textures are all characteristics that make his work appreciated and recognized. Sandrine draws with love of detail, the emotions of landscapes, objects, everyday scenes and the heritage that she loves. His goal is to live fully from his art and to bring a little happiness to people through his creations.

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“black and white is the mirror of the soul…something pure which allows direct access to interpretation, without the distractions created by color” Sandrine Piegay


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Between 2020 and 2021 - Exhibition at the Contemporary Art fair, artist's dream - Palais des Congrès de Perpignan (66) - - Various virtual exhibitions (France, Spain, Belgium) - Exhibition at the Festiv’art nature in Lyon (Rhône) - Exhibition at the Art Actuel gallery in Beziers - Permanent exhibition at the “Au fil du canal” gallery in Paris 10th Exhibition 2022 / 2023 COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION/FAIRS - One-month exhibition at the St Priest Social Center (Rhône) - Exhibition at the primrose fair in Lyon (69) - Exhibition at Parc de Parilly (Lyon – Rhône) every 1st Sunday of each month (69) months with free drawing lessons and live demonstration -Festiv’art nature in Lyon (69) – 2019 to 2023 -Exhibition at the independent trade fair in Meymac in Correze (19) -Exhibition at the primrose fair in Lyon (69) -44th Salon de Haute Loire at Puy en Velay PERSONAL EXHIBITION / PERMANENT EXHIBITION -One-month exhibition Kroc alive in Valence (26) -Exhibition at the Château de Lagord with the Salon des Arts Plastiques de La Rochelle (La Rochelle - 17-) - Permanent exhibition at the “Au fil du canal” gallery in Paris 10th (75) EXHIBITIONS IN GALLERIES, MUSEUMS and with the MEDIA - Exhibition at the St Frajou Painting Museum during the International Resilience Art Fair (31) - Several exhibitions with La Galerie Thuillier in Paris (75) - Galerie Chabredier in Aubusson (23 - Exhibition at the Galerie Nesle with the European Academy of Arts France in Paris (75) - Several exhibitions with the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters at the Galerie Thuillier in Paris (75) - Exhibition at the Galerie St Georges in Lyon in December 2023 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS - Exhibition organized by UNOTA under the auspices of the UN - from September 21 to 24: International Geoenvironmental Quarter: The Awakening of Consciousness" at the Historical Museum of Catamarca - (Argentina) - Black & White exhibition with the Fine Art Academy of Calcutta – (India) - Exhibition “The magic og monochrome” - Mandalal Boze Galery in Calcutta (India) - Regular exhibition with EMQ Médias in (Canada) - Exhibition in Buenos Aires with the Sophie Vera gallery - Contemporary art space (Argentina) - Exhibition with the Accel Vasquez Foundation (Guatemala) - Exhibition at the Spectrum in Miami as part of Art Basel Artweek (USA) - “Off Gallery Must” exhibition at the Historical Museum of Lecce in December 2023 Exhibitions already planned for 2024 Exhibition in France, India, Costa Rica, Turkey, the USA, Canada, Italy as well as in a Korean museum, which will allow my paintings to enter the museum's private collections.


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I am self-taught but it doesn’t matter, only work allows you to achieve your dream. Today, I have the chance to experience it so to all of you who read me, believe in yourself and try to never regret anything. PRESS AND ARTISTIC SITES > Regular article in Émergence Magazine Québec magazine -> publication in the magazine Univers des Arts (winter issue 2023) -> Publication in the magazine “Rayonnement” nº70 -> Miscellaneous Presence on art sites and art rental (Singulart, Gallea, Artmajor, The art cycle…etc) - Artist Recommended by the Canadian media Emergence Magazine Quebec with regular article in their magazine + permanent page in my name on their site - Articles in local newspapers in France, Canada, Argentina -> Artist presented several times by select’art magazine in the expert’s selection -> Report and Featured for 1 week in the webzine “l’Oeil de Lyon” -> Featured by The Art Cycle website -> Press articles in the newspaper “leprogress” and “la montagne” -> Publication in the Larousse dictionary of listed artists from the 15th century to the present day - 2023 edition. MY DISTINCTIONS Mondial Art Academia: Knight Academician with unanimous selection 1st place in the competition of the Arti’Solidaire association with publication of my work in the 2021 artists calendar 1st place in the competition of the Arti’Solidaire association with publication of my work in the 2023 artists calendar Obtaining my quotation at Drouot: Lausanne auction house Obtaining a Certificate and statuette for my artistic journey during the exhibition organized by the Fin Art Academy in Calcutta, India Obtaining a Certificate for my works and my artistic journey during the exhibition organized by UNOTA (under the aegis of the UN) in Argentina “Geo-environmental Quarter - the awakening of consciousness”.

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