Artist Natalia Zhyzhko

Natalia Zhyzhko

Artist from Ukraine

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 May 19th, 2019

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About the artist Natalia Zhyzhko

I graduated from art school in my childhood but did not continue my studies further. After many years in 2017 I began to write and realized that I cannot live without painting .... In each painting I leave a particle of myself. I leave a part of myself in every painting. People like my work what means my work in not in vain.

Exhibitions of Natalia Zhyzhko

March 1, 2018year- personal exhibition in the Vinnitsa city Officers House. June 12, 2018year- personal exhibition in the Center for Contemporary Art "Art-Schyk" cultural Center "Gallery XXI"  August 21 2019 year-personal exhibition in the central library November 20th 2018 year- personal exhibition at the branch of the City Library January 10 2019year- exhibition in the pavilion of the library named after Timiryazev February 11th 2019yeer-personal exhibition in the lobby of the administrative court of appeal .June 19 2019year-personal exhibition in the Center for Contemporary Art" Art-Schyk" cultural Center "Gallery XXI".

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