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Julia Lihina

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Julia Lihina

I, Yulia Likhina, was born in Kharkov, the first capital of Ukraine, on November 10, 1984. I was a very restless and stubborn child, I was constantly carried somewhere. Mom looked at me, and at least to calm me down, she showed and taught me to draw at the age of 3. My first canvases were walls, floors and furniture in the house. Then the art studio at the age of 5 and the art school (1994-1999), which she graduated with honors. And this allowed me to move on, since I could not imagine myself further without colors and art.

Exhibitions of Julia Lihina

Among my favorite artists are Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Levitan, Polenov, Serov, Repin and many artists who paint in similar styles. In my art, I like bright colors, spots, intricate shapes and much more. When I was still studying, I participated in several exhibitions, and therefore everything, my family ... But now, in the days of the Internet and social networks, I think that it is better to direct all my energies to developing a personal blog and promoting oneself on the Internet than offline. Well, that's all for now! Thank you for visiting my page, and also subscribe and like! Good to all !!!

Education of Julia Lihina

She also graduated with honors from the Kharkov Art School in 2007, the faculty of artist-painter teacher. Although I finished my studies, I didn’t want to work in my specialty, I didn’t see myself as a teacher at school, it’s definitely not mine. When I was in college, I sometimes drew pictures to order, and once a friend asked me to paint several pictures from the film, which at first was surprised, and then very interested, and flooded me from that moment. I even wrote the diploma and took the basics from the film. I love movies, I watch them since childhood and now I don’t miss all the novelties, I especially highlight the genres: biography, thriller, crime, detective, comedy, history, sports, drama and melodrama. When I finished my studies, I got married, then the children of the same age, I had no time for pictures, I tried to draw, but the little ones did not let me, they interfered. On maternity leave, I mastered network marketing and when I worked on the Internet, I saw how many artists paint and sell their paintings, even envy appeared somewhere, like, why am I worse. I decided to start drawing for a very long time, if not for relatives and friends who kicked me in the ass ...)))

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