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"Hi, I am Yulia Likhina, 10.11.1984, Kharkov, Ukraine. As a child she was a very fidgety and stubborn child. My mother looked at me and to calm me down showed me how to draw at the age of 3. Then the art studio, art school (1989-2002). It helped me understand how to live further, because I couldn't imagine myself without paints and art. Graduated with honors from the Kharkiv Art College (2002-2007), Department of Painting, artist, teacher. When I studied, I painted a lot of pictures to order, once I was asked to draw a few frames from a movie, I was surprised at first, but then it became very interesting. After graduation, immediately married, a year later gave birth to one, then the second, then divorce, not to paint, tried to draw, but children did not let. On maternity leave I started working in a networking company through the Internet, saw how artists painted and sold their paintings and I really wanted to do it myself. Without thinking twice, I quit my online business and started all over again, I was very supported by family and friends, before that I had not painted for about 9 years. In 2019 started learning how artists work online... In 2020 took a course on bloger, and how to sell paintings abroad. With all this knowledge, I started painting on quarantine. The internet is the best direction to develop and promote myself around the world. But on February 24, 2022 a war started in my country, in the first days I thought it would be over quickly, then I had to leave home, pain, depression... But I coped quickly, started volunteering and bought a car. It gave me even more incentive to move forward. I got a grant to buy art materials. Now I am finally doing what I have wanted to do since I was three years old. BE AN ARTIST! I get my ideas from movies, I've been watching them since I was a kid. My favorite genres are biography, thriller, crime, detective, comedy, history, sports, drama and romance. I have a lot of ideas and a desire to draw. I like to convey the complex emotional state of the actor in the frame. Above all, cinema is a special source of inspiration. My favorite painters are Levitan, Polenov, Serov, Repin and many others in this style. My main area of expertise is drawing, painting and landscapes. I work mainly in oil, charcoal, pastel. Canvases primed myself in the technique of the old masters, imprimatur. If you like my paintings, please contact me and we'll discuss details of sale and delivery Telegram @JuliaLihina_Art "

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Awards 2022 - Participant of the plein air "Zalozetsky landscapes" Ternopil region. 2022 - Received a grant from the WBO "CONVlKTUS UKRAЇNA" to purchase art supplies, to develop her painting business Group exhibition 2004 - Group exhibition of the Kharkov Art College at the House of Artists 2005 - Group exhibition of the Kharkov Art Museum "Kharkov cityscape". 2022 - Ternopil Regional Museum of Regional Studies "Zalozetsky landscapes". 2022 - Railway Museum of Local Lore, artists who suffered from the Russian aggression: "Art during the war 2023 - Boiko Art Center, Globus Gallery, collective exhibition - "Spring Podium of Art".


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1989-2002 - Isostudio, Kharkov Art School № 2. 2002-2007 - Kharkov Art School, art teacher.

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