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25 April, 2019

Interior wall art is a kind of painting whose purpose is to decorate home. To achieve this purpose, artists have worked from the earliest times of human history. Since ancient times, people have decorated their homes with the help of rock paintings, frescoes and other forms of monumental art such as mosaics, panels and stained-glass windows. Carpets and tapestries can also be used as wall decor. Tapestry is a one-sided pileless carpet designed to decorate a wall. Tapestries can be hand-made and machine-made, decorated with an ornament or image. Such artworks were first created in Ancient Egypt, Assyria and Babylon. In the old days tapestries used to demonstrate affluence and luxury. Wall decor also includes decorative panels. Various materials like paint, stone, or wood were used to decorate walls, ceilings and doors with different images or sculptural elements. Of course, paintings have also been used to decorate home. A painting is an independent artwork, the subject of which has no connection to home decor.

Giuseppe Bonito, Concertino.
Giuseppe Bonito, Portrait of Charles VIII Neapolitan. 1745.

However, some paintings can be a perfect element of the living room wall decor for example. The only condition is that they must not disharmonize the interior, created by a designer. Paintings have been used as an element of decoration since about the 14th century in Europe. They decorated residences and dwellings of kings and rich people. Wall art is in fact the most popular form of painting, which benefits artists. However it is inferior to paintings intended for exhibitions, galleries and biennials, where they must surprise or even shock sophisticated art lovers. What is the peculiarity of this genre? Canvas wall art must be clear to ordinary people, arouse pleasant associations, and not be annoying. Sophisticated aesthetes, of course, resent these criteria and blame the wall art artists for indulgence in the unpretentious tastes of people. However, it is their responsibility. After all, artists have to eat and therefore sell their wall paintings as home decor. By the way, once old artists, now recognized and famous, used to sell their artwork for a bowl of soup in taverns, where the walls were decorated with their paintings. For example, Niko Pirosmani.

Niko Pirosmani, A Tatar Fruiterer, 1910.
Niko Pirosmani, Still-Life, 1900s.

Let's remember the names of some outstanding interior artists. Giuseppe Bonito is an Italian painter of the eighteenth century, who professionally evolutionized from Baroque style to rococo. At the beginning of his career, he executed orders of religious communities. Later he served orders of the royal court in Naples as a portrait painter and interior artist. He was also a master of fresco painting. Bonito became the first director of the Neapolitan Art Academy and head of the royal manufactory of tapestries. All Naples knew that this master makes the best wall paintings for sale. From the end of the nineteenth century Niko Pirosmani painted decorative panels and signboards for taverns and shops. The artist often painted on dust clothes with home-made paints. The subject of his artworks was mostly holiday feasts. Gustav Klimt, an artist of Modern, used to decorate Vienna’s churches, palaces, theater, university, as well as painted portraits to order. Now the paintings of this artist can only be bought at auctions for a great price. In addition to original canvas wall art, you can now buy prints of paintings by renowned artists thanks to modern print technologies.

Gustav Klimt, The Virgins. 1912-1913.
Gustav Klimt, Beech Grove I. 1902.

In addition to original canvas wall art, you can now buy prints of paintings by renowned artists thanks to modern print technologies. Aerography is an interesting modern home decor technique when paintings on the walls are created with spray paint. A residential house or an office can be also decorated with a poster or photograph. You can buy canvas wall art for the living room, bedroom or kitchen on the Jose Art Gallery website.

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