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My name is Alena and I am an artist. Most of my life I live and work in Ukraine. My favorite pastimes since childhood are drawing and reading, but when the question of choosing a profession arose, books won. Therefore, I received my higher education at the Kharkov Academy of Culture (KHAK). But I never left painting for a second. She studied by copying paintings by famous artists, studied literature on painting. And books, nature, music, old photographs inspired me to create my paintings. In my works, I strive to convey the sensations of the surrounding world to people. I really want my paintings to bring joy, remind me of the fragility and beauty of the world around. In my work, I prefer classical oil painting. I paint original paintings and work on improving my technique. For my creative activity, I sold several dozen paintings. My works are in Ukraine and the USA.

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Kharkiv Academy of Culture (KHAK)

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