Best Painting Contest: Updated Rules

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04 February, 2024
Best Painting Contest: Updated Rules
Hello everybody!

We thank each of you for your contributions, thanks to which our creative community has significantly expanded during the past year of 2023 and continues to actively develop. In connection with this, we are diligently working on improving our website and implementing new features aimed at enhancing the possibilities for selling and showcasing your works.

We have decided to revise the rules for the "Best Painting of the Week, Month, and Year" contests to make the contests even more attractive and interesting to participate in. Please note that the updated contest rules come into effect on February 12, 2024.

As the Jose Art Gallery creative community is a professional community, we want to create conditions where community members play a key role in contest decisions. And you can read more about this below.

Who is eligible to vote?

Only two groups of users can now participate in the voting process:

Artists (and other sellers on the platform) whose profile has been verified and who have been members of the community for at least one month.
Collectors (buyers who have made at least one purchase on our site previously).

How does voting work?

For the "Best Painting of the Week, Month, Year" contests, each participant in the voting has the right to cast three votes.


- is the first stage of our contest, held weekly from Monday to Sunday.

For participation in the contest, artworks of artists whose profiles have been verified.

As before, the selection of paintings for the contest is based on the number of views: the more site users have viewed your painting in the last month, the higher the chances that it will be included in the contest.

The contest will select 8 paintings that have received the most views in the previous month. Views from organic search in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, transitions from social networks, as well as user activity regarding your artwork on the Jose Art Gallery site will be considered.

The artwork that gathers the most votes is declared the winner, receives the status of "Best Painting of the Week," and is once elevated to the TOP list of all artworks in the "Artworks" section. The artist's profile of this painting receives a mark of victory in this nomination.

The winning painting is nominated for the next stage of the contest - "Best Painting of the Month."


- represents the second stage of our contest, held monthly.

For participation in this stage, artworks that have already won in the "Best Painting of the Week" nomination during the preceding month are selected.

The artwork that gathers the most votes is declared the winner and receives the title of "Best Painting of the Month." This painting is elevated to a place of honor in the TOP list of all works in the "Artworks" section. The author's profile of this painting is marked as the winner in this category.


- represents the culmination of our contest, held once a year (in January of the following year).

For participation in this prestigious nomination, paintings are selected from among the winners of the monthly "Best Painting of the Month" contests throughout the current year. The final contest includes 12 of the best works.

The winning painting receives the title of "Best Painting of the Year" and is once elevated to a place of honor in the TOP of the “Artworks” section on our site. The artist's profile is marked with a victory indicator in this category.

In addition to honor and recognition, the artist whose work is recognized as the best of the year will also receive an exclusive award from the contest organizers and a cash prize. The specific amount of the reward will be announced by us later, closer to the end of 2024.

How to increase your painting's chances of being nominated for "Best Painting of the Week»?

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with our articles in the Art Marketing section to improve the visibility of your work and increase its chances of success in the contest:

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Jose Art Gallery is a community of talented creative personalities, and your feedback and suggestions play a key role in our development. We are always open to your ideas on how we can improve our contest and the site as a whole. For any suggestions, please write to us at  

We wish you creative success and a great mood! Let there be peace in your home! With great respect,
Jose Art Gallery Team
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