Improving Online Art Sales: 8 Proven Tips from Jose Art Gallery

Dmytro , Curator
02 November, 2023
Improving Online Art Sales: 8 Proven Tips from Jose Art Gallery
In today's digital age, online galleries are becoming increasingly popular, and every artist aims to stand out and draw attention to their pieces. We've compiled 8 proven tips to enhance your online art sales, especially on our platform, Jose Art Gallery.

Image Quality – Your Online Gallery's First Impression.

Image Quality of Your Artworks

Your artworks deserve the best representation. Each piece of art is an expressive message from the artist to the world, and its proper presentation in an online gallery is crucial. Here's why high-quality images of your art matter:
  • First Impression of Art in an Online Gallery:

    When visitors see your artwork in an online gallery, the image becomes their initial impression of you and your art. A bright, clear, and detailed image can instantly captivate and pique interest.
  • Showcasing Skill:

    A quality image allows the finer details, technique, and style of your artwork to shine through, enabling gallery visitors to appreciate your craftsmanship and professional level.
  • Building Trust:

    Clear and professional photos of your artworks convey your dedication and commitment to your craft, fostering trust in art buying.
  • Avoiding Distractions:

    Ensure your art photos are of high quality and free from extraneous objects. This focuses attention solely on the artwork itself. Even if you're selling a framed piece, we strongly recommend uploading the primary image without the frame or, if the artwork is sold framed, adding an image of it framed as an additional one.
  • Enhanced Visibility Online:

    Quality images can elevate the position of your artworks in the Jose Art Gallery catalog, making them more noticeable to our online gallery visitors. Furthermore, they can significantly influence high rankings on search engines like Google

Tip: When adding a piece to your online gallery, in addition to the main image of the artwork, consider uploading several supplementary photos. These additional images can showcase specific sections of your artwork: beautiful minute details, the artist's signature, or a close-up of individual objects within the artwork.

Artwork Title – Half the Battle.

The Art of Naming

The title of your artwork plays a more significant role than just identifying the piece. Here are a few reasons why the right title can be pivotal to your artwork's success:
  • Personal Expression:

    The artwork's title is another way to convey your idea or emotion. It could be the story behind the piece or your personal perception of the theme.
  • Capturing Attention:

    An intriguing or unique title can grab gallery visitors' attention, making them linger longer on your piece.
  • Keywords in the Title:

    Incorporating keywords into your artwork's title can make it easier for people to find your work online. For instance, if you paint cat portraits and include the word "cat" in the title, your artwork will be more visible to those searching for such pieces.
  • Professionalism:

    A carefully chosen title showcases your professional approach to your craft and respect for your audience.

Unique Descriptions – Your Chance to Stand Out.

Unique Descriptions for Artworks

The artwork's description bridges the gap between the artist and the viewer, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of your piece. A unique and engaging description not only attracts potential buyers but also enhances its search engine ranking.
  • Deep Understanding:

    Through the description, you can convey to the viewer your inspiration, idea, or story behind the piece, fostering a deeper emotional connection.
  • Standing Out:

    With numerous artworks in an online gallery, a unique description helps your artwork stand out, drawing more attention to your profile.
  • Better Online Visibility:

    A detailed description containing relevant keywords related to your piece can improve its search engine ranking, meaning more people will find and view your artwork.

Tip: When crafting a description for your artwork, start by sharing what inspired you: it could be a personal experience, nature, or human relationships. Discuss the primary message or emotion you wish to convey and highlight any intriguing details or features of your work. This approach fosters a profound emotional connection with your viewers and offers insight into your creative process.

Video – The New Attention-Grabbing Format.

Video Review of Your Artworks

Incorporate video overviews into your paintings or sculptures, or publish them in your event feed. Video is becoming an increasingly popular format on the internet, and including it in your online art gallery profile or on your artwork page can offer numerous advantages.
Here are several reasons why adding video overviews to your artwork is beneficial:
  • Visitor Engagement:

    Videos tend to hold visitors' attention for longer periods. When people watch a video, they spend more time on your page, which means they have more time to fall in love with your artwork and potentially make a purchase.
  • Increased Dwell Time:

    Search engines like Google view the length of time spent on pages as an indicator of content quality. Therefore, pages with longer dwell times often achieve higher positions in search results, enhancing your art search optimization.
  • Enhanced Interest:

    Videos can showcase aspects of your artwork that are difficult to convey through static images. This could be a demonstration of the art creation process, a narrative of art inspiration, or simply a closer look at the details.
  • Profile Diversity:

    Visitors appreciate diversity. When they see that you have both images and videos, it makes your art profile more interesting and memorable, contributing to your art profile diversity.
  • Shareability:

    Videos are easily shared. If a visitor enjoys your video, they can share it on social media, drawing even more attention to your artwork, making your shareable art content more visible.
  • Personal Interaction:

    Videos can facilitate a personal artist interaction with visitors. When they hear your voice or see how you artwork, it creates a deeper emotional connection with art.

Adding videos to your artwork or profile can be an excellent way to attract more attention to your creativity and strengthen the connection with your audience. Don't miss this opportunity to stand out and present your artwork in the best light!

Tip: At Jose Art Gallery, you can add videos in the section for adding additional images to your artwork, and you can also include links to your video overviews published on YouTube or TikTok.

Keywords – Your Compass in the World of Online Galleries.

Add Keywords to Your Artworks

Add keywords to your artworks to simplify searches and correctly classify your creations for search engines.
In the vast expanse of online art galleries, keywords become your beacon in the tunnel, guiding the way to your artworks. Here's why they are so valuable:
  • Viewer Navigation:

    Keywords act like beacons, directing art lovers to your artworks, helping them quickly find exactly what they are interested in, enhancing the artwork discovery online.
  • Matching Interests:

    If your artwork matches what the viewer is searching for (e.g., "sunset, sea, Italy"), keywords facilitate this connection, making your work easily discoverable.
  • Search Engine Partnership:

    Keywords are the language search engines understand. Proper use of keywords can help your profile achieve higher positions in search results, enhancing your art search optimization.
  • Style Reflection:

    Keywords can also reflect your unique style and approach to art, helping viewers understand what you offer, showcasing your art style representation.

Ultimately, keywords are not just tags. They are bridges that connect your creativity with an audience that appreciates it. Their proper use can make your profile more noticeable and attractive to art enthusiasts.

Engaging Articles – The Key to Audience Attention.

Publishing Engaging Articles

Jose Art Gallery is not just an online art gallery but also a full-fledged art social network and creative community of talented artists, art curators, galleries, and collectors.
Here are some reasons why publishing engaging art articles on Jose Art Gallery can be your key to success:
  • Audience Connection:

    Through articles, you can establish a deep emotional connection with art readers. It could be a story about how you created your latest painting, a tale of your journey in the art world, or tips for budding artists.
  • Attract More Visitors:

    When you write interesting and useful articles, people will share them, mention them in their blogs, or on social media. This will attract new visitors to your profile, enhancing your art community engagement.
  • Improved Search Visibility:

    Well-written articles with the right keywords can improve your standing in search results on Google, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines. This means more people will find your profile when they search for art online, improving your art search optimization.
  • Community Engagement:

    Publishing articles allows you to interact with other artists, curators, and collectors, exchange experiences, and create new connections, fostering art community engagement.

Artwork Viewing in Interiors: Bringing Art Closer to Reality.

Artwork Viewing in Interiors

When it comes to artworks, especially paintings, their perception can drastically change depending on the context. That's why showcasing your artworks in an interior design setting is so important:
  • Live Perception:

    Presenting your artwork within an interior allows viewers to see how it would look in a real-life setting, making your artwork more vivid and realistic. This interactive art viewing experience helps in enhancing art perception.
  • Assist in Visualization:

    Many buyers struggle to imagine how a painting will look in their home. Utilizing art visualization tools, showing your artwork in various interiors can help them make a decision, serving as an art buying visualization aid.
  • Highlighting Details:

    Depending on the interior, certain elements of your artwork can become more expressive and noticeable, adding depth to the perception of your artwork and artwork display in home decor.
  • Creating Atmosphere:

    An artwork in an interior is not just a decorative element. It creates a certain mood and atmosphere, and demonstrating this can enhance the emotional impact of your artwork on the viewer.
  • In conclusion, adding your artworks into an interior setting is not just a way to improve their presentation, but also an opportunity to show viewers how your art can enliven and adorn their space. It makes your creativity more accessible and understandable, increasing the chances of interest and, possibly, purchase.

Tip: In our online art gallery interiors, you have the opportunity to showcase each of your artworks in four different interiors out of the 80 options provided. You can choose the right interior and show visitors how your artwork will look in it.

The Importance of Creating Collections of Artworks.

Collections of Artworks

In the modern art world, where more and more is happening in a digital format, creating public collections becomes a key tool for artists. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Grouping Artworks:

    Creating collections allows artists to group their artworks by various themes, styles, or creative periods. This not only helps organize the portfolio but also showcases your diversity and development as an artist, employing artwork grouping strategies.
  • Simplification for Visitors:

    Collections make the process of browsing your portfolio more convenient for visitors. They can quickly find and explore the artworks that interest them, thanks to specially curated selections, enhancing the online art curation experience.
  • Personal and Exclusive Collections:

    You can create both public and private collections, sending links to them to friends, colleagues, or potential clients. This allows you to share your creativity in a more personal and exclusive format, offering exclusive art showcases.
  • Electronic Storage:

    Collections can serve as an artwork storage solution and an electronic catalog of your artworks. By placing the same piece in different collections, you can track its storage location or context of use, which is especially useful for art collection management.

Overall, creating collections helps systematize your creativity, making it more structured and understandable for you and your audience. It is also a powerful tool for promoting and presenting your art in the best light, facilitating a virtual art presentation.

Learn more about the opportunities for artists at Jose Art Gallery here.

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