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Profile editing


Some of the information about yourself that you provide when filling out your profile is publicly available. So, for example, your first and last name, profile photo, biographical data, information about your personal exhibitions, and other things are related to the public profile.
In order to change this information, you need to go to your profile and click “Edit profile”.

1. We recommend that you fill in the information in your profile in as many language versions as possible, available on the platform (English, Ukrainian, Russian), because when another user views your profile, he/she will first of all see the page in his/her language. A multilingual profile will greatly improve your interaction with other users of the Jose Art Gallery community.
2. Go beyond a few short sentences from your bio. Tell us about yourself! After all, other users are interested in learning about you as an artist and personality as much as possible; understand the motives that prompted you to create such unique creations; find out the creative path you have taken.
3. Share your profile on social networks. This option is available when editing a profile in the “Links” window.