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Nikolay Kaftan

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Nikolay Kaftan

Biography (Kaftan Nikolay Zinovievich) He was born on December 22, 1978 in Ternopil. From early childhood, he loved to draw. From the fourth grade he studied in Ternopil art school behalf of the brothers Boichukov. After graduating from secondary school he entered the "Ternopil Cooperative Technical School" (1995-1998) at the faculty of artistic design. It was then that he began to love art, largely due to the talented teacher Anne Tkachik. There he met his future wife Irina. In 2000, he married. After graduating from the "Cooperative Technical School", he studied at the "Rivne State University" (2002-2005) with a degree in "Fine arts and decorative arts". In 2002, the first daughter Ulyana, was born, and in 2005, the son Daniel. For some time he painted graphic portraits and friendly caricatures on the streets of Lviv and his native Ternopil. This practice was a huge creative school. From 2007 to 2015, he worked at the Ternopil "School of Folk Crafts" as a drawing teacher. There was open space for creativity - art workshop and a steady income, and subsequently new paintings. He began to exhibit his canvases at the Igor Mochuly Ternopil Private Art Gallery. Currently engaged in creativity in the studio. His paintings are in private collections in many countries of the world. Nikolas is a realist artist. Works in the technique of oil painting. Favorite genres: animalism, portrait, landscape. Participated in joint exhibitions with a group of Ternopil artists "Dreams", diploma winner of the XIX Lviv Autumn Salon “High Castle 2015”. He became a second degree diploma winner at an exhibition-competition among lovers of fine art of the Ternopil region in 2016.

Exhibitions of Nikolay Kaftan

2011 - The first personal exhibition in the art gallery "Picasso". 2017 - Exhibition "Our World" in Zbarazh Castle. 2018 - Exhibition at the Berezhany Museum.

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