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 December 17th, 2018

About the curator Andrew Pistun

Hello! My name is Andrii. I paint oil paintings in various genres and directions. I seek to combine brightness and saturation of color, the feeling of presence and unique atmosphere. I came up with an interesting idea to establish an art gallery on the Internet, which I and my fellow artists cou ld use to present our art to the audience. In particular, in the store I created the works by a famous Ternopil artist Nicholas Kaftan, who has an extensive work experience, are presented . His works are in private collections in many countries of the world. That is what the artist himself says about his art: "The basis of my work is love for life and art, desire to see the beauty of art in the infinite variety of colors and images. My favorite genres are portrait and animalism. I like to portrait animals. I admire their beauty, grace and energy . I try to show it all on my canvases. Overall, I love my profession. I want my pictures to give people only warm and positive feeling. " I am not a mediator, so you can be sure that if you buy any work of art in my gallery, you will pay the price established by the artist himself. All the paintings are original and created in a unique style. They are not copies and they do not resemble any other artist’s paintings. All the painting have the author’s signature on. The paintings bought in my gallery will be an excellent gift and adornment to your house. They will bring only positive emotions and will never bore you. Only quality materials are used . So, you do not only buy a painting, you invest your money in art and work of people who always self-develop and self-improve. You invest in artists, who constantly improve their technique and means of expressing their deep internal conviction and particular vision of the world.

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