Artist Emanuel Crudu

Emanuel Crudu

Artist from Romania

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at Jose Art Gallery since
 June 8th, 2020

About the artist Emanuel Crudu

Nomadic artist in movement between Paris, Lucca in Tuscany and Bucharest after living in all cardinal points of Europe. Oil is my preferred painting medium for its ability to oppose substantive resistance and to challenge the initial choices by leading me into alternative unintentional combinations while also providing tactile textures. My paintings are abstract in the residual sense of escapism: I pursue abstraction as something that eludes my experience or any given experience, something that takes me out of the self and not something that conflates the self into an egotistic paroxysm of any superior knowledge or perception. Painting is an opportunity to encounter beauty as accidentality: unplanned, unpredicted and uncostrained. Yet always in confronting the ambiguity and substantiality of the matter. My abstractions are expressive shapes taken by the banality of being, and not at all a deep psychoanalytical style of search for something deeply hidden. I don’t paint to uncover the hidden but rather to cover up the lack of meaning in a world with no metaphysical prospects or substantive reasons for optimism. And that in the circumstances that the temptation for optimism cannot be fully abandoned. My abstractions are something kidnapped or taken out of the world without changing it in its infinite shapes. Without painting, the world would stay the same. Yet, painting it brings an unsubstantial variation to being in general while substantive to beings in particular. My paintings are active and interactive optimism and pessimism altogether in what I call a desperate romanticism.

Exhibitions of Emanuel Crudu

Ephemeral exhibitions in Paris and Lucca (Tuscany, Italy) / Apostrophe Concept Gallery Brussels / My instinctive oil painting ‘The Kiss’ was part of the exhibition ARTBOX. PROJECT New York 1.0 at the Stricoff Gallery during the The Armory Art Weeks from 5th of March – 17th of March,2018.

Education of Emanuel Crudu

Studied and taught Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

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