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Jonathan Grego is an anglo-italian visual Artist, based in Bordeaux who graduated in Arts in Rome. In his artwork he often deals with social subjects - such as peace, pollution, love, or the vice of the modern man - with humour, irony and provocation. He combines different techniques such as oil, acrylic and watercolour in which he integrates various types of collage. On the quest for originality he started cutting his canvases in order to insert objects like Lego, Puzzles or keys - often with a nostalgic and poetic meaning. Since 2006 he exhibits in galleries in Europe and has won several painting competitions. Passionate about street art he regularly paints large murals in Europe and Australia. His paintings are exhibited permanently in: "Espace 57" in Bordeaux, France (since 2016) Art gallery "Aurora" in Monsègur, France (since 2021) Gallery/Atelier "Partage" in Lesparre-Mèdoc, France ( since 2022) Art gallery "Isartis" in Nuremberg, Germany (since 2019) Art gallery "Ikigai Art Gallery" in Rome, Italy (since 2022)

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2023 Paris solo show, Mazarine Variations, 26 rue Mazarine 75006. “Sharing” workshop/gallery. 44 Rue J J Rousseau, 33340 Lesparre-Medoc. Duo Show. 2022 Il Laboratorio, Via del Moro 49, Rome, November, Duo Show. Art3F Bordeaux, Exhibition Center (November 10-14). Group Show. Arts Atlantic, November. La Rochelle, France. Group Show. Autumn Salon, October, Salle des Domenicains, Saint Emilion. Group Show. Cours du Chapeau-Rouge, Bordeaux, September. Group Show. Pyla sur mer, July and August. Open air exhibition. Group show. 2021 37th Blanquefort Art Salon, Park de Fongravey, November. Group Show. Anja Spagl Gallery, Nuremberg, Johannistrasse 47a. November. Group Show. Ikigai Art Gallery, Via Sirte 39, Rome, October, Duo Show. Aurora Gallery, 3 Rue de Porte de Fontaines, Monségur, August, Group Show. Atelier Capifrance, 5, Cours du Chapeau-Rouge, burgundy, August, One Man Show. Galleria Sapzio 40, Via dell'Arco di San Callisto, 40 Rome, November, One Man show. 2020 Action Archi, Ephemeral Showcase, 20 Rue Gambetta, Libourne - December, One Man Show. 2019 Art3F Bordeaux, Exhibition Center, (November 8 - 11). One man show. Jardin Pechêur, 1 Quai Armand Lalande, Bordeaux, November-December, Group show. Oleoteca, Via Roma 11, Vetralla, January, One Man Show 2018 Mably Chapter Hall, 82 Cours de Clemenceau, Bordeaux, July, Group Show. Museo della Città e del Territorio- Vetralla (VT), Group Show Les Vivres de L’arts, Bodeaux, May, group show Zig Zag Cafė, 73 cours de L’argonne, Bordeaux, March 2018 2017 Quinconces Brocante, Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux, November, Group Show Quai des livres, Cours Victor Hugo, January, One Man Show Chiesa di San Paolo dentro le Mura, Rome, June, One man Show 2015 Galleria “Artisti via Giulia” – via Giulia 194A - Roma. Group Show 2012 Galleria L'acquario, Via giulia, 47, Rome, October, One Man Show


Diploma of Arts in Rome, Via di Ripetta 1996 I.E.D Art School Rome

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