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Olena Drobysheva — a name that embodies the splendid realm of watercolor artistry. My brushes become the wellspring of inspiration for the natural hues and iridescence, while paper transforms under the enchantment of my touch. I am a watercolor artist, intimately acquainted with every droplet of paint and deftly crafting works of art on pristine canvases. My studio is a sanctuary where masterpieces are born, encapsulating the beauty of nature and the richness of emotions. Embarking on my professional journey at the Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts, I delved into the depths of art and acquired the mastery that makes each of my creations truly unique. My watercolor canvases have evolved into masterpieces adored not only by art connoisseurs but also by enthusiasts across Poland, Cyprus, America, and France. My exhibitions are a dialogue with the world, unveiling the planet's beauty through the eyes and heart of an artist. Artistry is my life, and every brushstroke, every hue I wield, reflects my creative inspiration. I am not only crafting artworks, but also sharing my knowledge with those who yearn to uncover the enchantment of watercolor painting. By instructing and inspiring, I bestow the treasures of my experience, helping everyone become a part of the captivating realm of art. Each of my creations narrates tales of encounters with people, journeys, impressions, and the language of painting, universally understood by all nationalities and cultures. My art unites disparate corners of the world into a single masterpiece, reconstructing the world in its full splendor and harmony. Welcome to the realm of Olena Drobysheva, where watercolors take on new meanings, colors come to life, and art becomes a bridge connecting hearts and souls.

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"I consume the world with art."


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