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10 December, 2023
We are excited to introduce a feature that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the process of adding artworks to your online gallery. Now, artists can enhance the textual content of their artworks, including the titles and descriptions of their artworks, with the help of AI.

Ease of Use for Artists

Don't spend time brainstorming titles for your artworks. Upload an image, provide a sample of your title and description, specify the characteristics of the artwork, and AI will present you with various options for titles and descriptions. You have the freedom to select from these suggestions, tailor them as you see fit, or stick with your original versions.

Focus on Creativity

This feature allows you to focus on creating new masterpieces, saving time on promoting your artworks.

Where Can These Titles Be Used?

The generated titles and descriptions can be used not only on our site but also at your personal exhibitions, in catalogs, and other formats.

How Does AI Work?

AI analyzes the information you provide, including:

  1. The main image of the artwork you uploaded
  2. Your proposed title and description
  3. Keywords, both automatically generated and manually added by you
  4. Characteristics of the artwork: type of art, genre, style, materials, year of creation, etc.

The Process of Adding Artwork

Let's walk through the process of adding an artwork to your online gallery, to better illustrate how our AI works.

1. Upload a high-quality image of your artwork.
Upload a high-quality image of your artwork.

2. Add your version of the artwork's name, description, select characteristics, and, if necessary, add or remove AI-suggested keywords.
Add your version of the artwork's name

3. After completing all the necessary subsequent steps, AI will generate options for the artwork's title and description. You can choose any of the options and modify it or leave your version.
AI title
Ai description

Why Are the Title and Description of Your Artwork Important?

Finally, let's remind you why the title and description of your artwork are so important in your online gallery.

Emotional Impact: Well-chosen names and descriptions can enhance the emotional impact of the work on the viewer.
Context and Understanding: They provide context and help visitors better understand the artistic intention and meaning of the work.
Improving Search Engine Optimization: Using keywords in the titles and descriptions of artworks helps to rank the online gallery better in search engines, increasing its online presence.

For more details on why the title and description of your artwork are important, we have discussed this in our article: Improving Online Art Sales: 8 Proven Tips from Jose Art Gallery
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