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How to choose the right art for the interior

02.10.2018 | 10:41
How to choose the right art for the interior

Your home is your castle. And it is said not in vain, because home is the place where not only person’s body but also mind rests. And to make the interior as cozy and comfortable as possible you should remember about art objects. But before you buy a painting or sculpture for your home (if you do not want to regret this ever after), you should follow a few simple rules.
First of all, you must understand that an object of art should generate positive emotions, decorate the interior, and in no case irritate and interfere with you. Therefore, do not choose a very large sculpture or painting for an apartment, which will only make the room smaller and bring discomfort to you. At the same time do not hang a very small painting on a large wall, which will simply be lost in space. Therefore, the first rule is that proportions must be observed.
Rule two: the object of art should be in harmony with the style of your furniture. Remember that modern art looks ugly with a classic interior, as well as oil painting will be out of place in a high-tech interior.

Rule three: before choosing a painting you have to understand in which room you are going to hang it. For example, the dining room will look better with a colorful and appetizing still life painting, the bedroom – with landscapes and paintings that depict pairs of animals. The drawing room can be beautifully decorated with an oil painting with flowers, or family portraits. Paintings with ships and animals would be best for studies.

Rule four says that a painting must be selected to match the color scheme of your interior. Experienced designers recommend creating a certain contrast between the so-called "dominant" color of the interior and the painting. After all, a work of art should be a bright spot in the room, and not just blend in.

The fifth rule applies to those who want to enjoy more than one painting in the room. If you want to decorate the room with several paintings, remember that their number should not exceed 3-4. The paintings should be also connected with each other by a common theme; to be supplements of one another; be parts of the same “story”.
Perhaps the most basic rule is that you should like the object of art. After all, each painting is an artist's creation, into which he put his heart, and there should be an emotional connection between the painting and you.
Therefore, when buying or ordering a painting you should not rush. You should consider all possible options and choose what really matches your interior, style, room size and, most importantly, will be to your liking.