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I'm a visual artist and photographer. I was born in Santo Antônio da Platina, Paraná, 1956. I participated in several exhibitions of painting and photography in salons and galleries in Brazil and abroad.

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"I am a man who longs for God" Candido Portinari


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Exhibition at the Salon of Plastic Arts in Joinville. Santa Catarina (1995). Photographic Exhibition at the Arte Design & Cia. Room at the Federal University of Paraná (1995), Honorable Mention at the “Cartier Bresson” Photography Salon in the city of Sorocaba SP (1998). Award at the exhibition of Plastic Arts Brazil 500 Years in Painting by the Cultural Foundation Brazil – Portugal. Rio de Janeiro (1998). Virtual exhibition at the II National Photography Salon in Sorocaba SP. (1999). Photography exhibition at the Centro de Cultura do Espaço em Branco. Curitiba (2000). Individual Photography at the Image and Sound Museum MIS Curitiba (2001). Exhibition of paintings at the Alfredo Andersen Museum. Curitiba. (2004). Individual photography at the Photoespaço room at Sesc da Esquina. Curitiba (2007). Collective with painting in the exhibition “Possíveis Conexões” held at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Paraná. (2008). Individual painting at the Adalice Araújo Gallery at the Tuiuti University of Paraná. Curitiba (2008). Exhibition at the 2nd Biennial of Brazilian Arts in Brussels 2009 Belgium (2009). Painting collective at the Alfredo Andersen Museum. Curitiba (2010). Solo with a photography project called Tapumens selected at Galeria dos Arcos, Usina do Gasômetro. Porto Alegre. (2010). Honorable mention at the 19th Plastic Arts Meeting of Atibaia. SP (2010). Individual selected at the Municipal Art Gallery of the Cultural Foundation of Balneário Camboriú. SC (2010). In recent years, he has dedicated his research in the field of painting with phosphorescent paints that glow in the dark using special rare earth pigments, obtaining excellent results. More recently, he carried out studies and produced paintings with the technology of Chromadepth 3d glasses on a two-dimensional screen. It has recently returned to its pictorial state with its peculiar style of producing fragmented art.


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3rd degree education in Art Education and a postgraduate degree in Production Engineering at UFSC.

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