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How to Become a Popular Artist on the Internet

15.12.2017 | 09:07
How to Become a Popular Artist on the Internet

If we ask if we are now living in the educated age, then the answer will be: no, but we are living in the age of education.

Emmanuel Kant

Popularity of the artist, in many respects, stipulates successful sales of his artworks. Popularity, of course, can be different, but we will talk about one that provides high demand, about its unconditional importance in the art business and some methods for obtaining it using Internet technologies.

Everybody go to the Internet!

Thanks to Smartphones constantly connected to the Internet, obtaining information has become a matter of a second. The rapid, so-called "surfing" on the Internet pages without thorough analysis has completely changed the principle of linear perception of information. Do you remember how we used to read literature in libraries – fr om left to right - when preparing for lessons, seminars, or how we used to write abstracts, etc. using a lot of books and their contents? Mostly this phenomenon is becoming history. We will not discuss whether this is good or bad, but let's dwell on how to properly adapt to new forms and sources of information and, by using them, become popular.

Searching for any information on the network most Internet users are used to trusting authoritative resources of various directions: fr om news sites to hotel/restaurant booking sites. And this makes sense! The more authoritative an Internet resource is (as a rule, they are popular and many know about them) the more chances we have to receive more updated and objective information.

Initially though these Internet resources did not have a reputable status. They also made every effort to win their reputation by publishing high-quality content (information), improving the quality of functions, various advertising and non-promotional tricks, attracting more and more attention to themselves, gaining the trust of visitors and thereby increasing the traffic (attendance) of their site.

And if you really intend to become popular and, accordingly, desired, you must be patient, consistent and regular when making your steps, and be attentive to the details. And success is guaranteed to you! Of course, another element which is good luck or God’s blessing (whatever it is called) is important, but this is no longer our competence.

Promotion on the Internet. Do you need this?

Do not pay much attention to the word "promotion". It is slightly pathetic and does not seem to correspond perfectly with great art. But believe me, it is in this word that many people and companies of the world invested billions of dollars and eventually became the perfect ones that we know today. The history of these people and companies contains hundreds of legends, invented by marketers with very high salaries. And the products of these companies, regardless of the industry, seem the best in their class, and we, without noticing it, became dependent trusting the impression we have had.

Answering the question "Do you need it?" I'll say – Yes, you do! To become popular and desired you need promotion on the Internet, but calm down - you do not have to invest billions of dollars in your promotion. Moreover, we will try to provide you with some kind of a "road map" following which you will not have to spend a penny, but only certain part of your time and efforts.

Who buys art on the Internet.

Historically if we want to know something about something or someone, then (in most cases) we first of all open the Internet browser and in the search engine (usually Google) enter the name of the object, event or the person whose information we want to find. Further, depending on the results of the search, we begin viewing the provided web pages in order to find the most objective and detailed information. We go on until we become satisfied with the complete information we receive, or until we become disappointed in the poor information or its complete absence.

The same principle applies to potential buyers of art on the Internet. The only difference is that they look for a particular author and his work, or an author's work that corresponds to certain criteria (genre, style, size, etc.), or a specific site, let’s say an online gallery where they can buy high quality art, fast and safe.

According to our experience, we can provisionally divide buyers of art objects into two categories.

We will call the first (less pretentious and rarer) of them "connoisseurs" – those who buy an author's work at once. Such buyers definitely appreciate art, otherwise they would buy some gadget instead of the author's work, but act on the principle of "you liked – you bought". Typically, representatives of this group buy artworks as a gift or for the interior of their home or office. They do not think deeply about the cultural and artistic value of their purchase and almost never consider this as investment in art.

The other category (more thoughtful and most commonly encountered) will be called "investors" – those who buy not only a picture, but also its history - the history of origin, the history of the author. This category of buyers is more demanding. They want to know what they are buying and to be confident in the quality and value of the artwork they acquire. In other words representatives of this category of buyers consider buying paintings or sculptures taking into account the investment component.

Even if they do not plan to resell Your work afterwards, they at least want to be sure that they are buying a truly original work that has an artistic value.

So let's draw a conclusion.
1. Everybody – fr om kids to adults, and even buyers of paintings, use the Internet and look for a quality product.
2. A good promotion on the Internet guarantees development of your art business and can be achieved without investment of enormous financial resources.
3. According to our provisional classification we divide the buyers of paintings into two categories: connoisseurs (act on the basis of the principle "you liked – you bought") and investors (consider purchasing art objects as investment).

With these three points in mind, let’s move on, but the main thing you must understand is that your presence on the Internet is a must-have component of your popularity, perhaps the most essential. At the same time, you also should learn to distinguish the presence of you on the Internet as an individual and you as an artist.

What is behind this idea:
You as an individual are represented by a page in social networks, where you tell wh ere you were, with whom you drank tea, what you saw, and even possibly what picture you wrote the day before yesterday, and so on.
You as an artist - a much broader concept. These are purposeful publications, thematic articles about you as an artist, wh ere you can emphasize information about your creative activity - works of art and you creative way.

Of course, in favorable conditions one is inseparable from the other, but if you aim to win fame as an author of art works, you will have to focus on spreading information about yourself as an artist on the Internet.

Also keep in mind that buyers often want to know about the author as much as possible, but they definitely do not want to know your "household" problems, it can even spoil their impression of you. So check the content that you are posting thoroughly. Especially, and moreover, when acquiring works of art, customers believe that there is a special person behind the object of art – a creator! Remember this when you create a reputation of a real artist, even a contemporary one.

How to create the right content about yourself, wh ere and how to publish articles, and how to promote yourself "wisely" on the Internet: we will consider these issues step by step in the following articles.