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Kyiv, Kirilovskaya, 65b
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About the gallery Hlebzawod

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The Khlebozavod space was created on the basis of an abandoned factory in Podol in Kyiv, in the summer of 2016. Its mission is to enlighten and educate in the field of contemporary art, associated with the formation of the field of exhibition activity in Ukraine, the promotion of contemporary art, as the need to convey the content of one’s own in modern language culture and history: programs to familiarize connoisseurs with the trends of modern Ukrainian art, and the disclosure of its social and cultural significance, the formation of the worldview and tastes of the audience.

Rental information
Total Area - 80 sq.m.
Total Number of Rooms - 2
Seating Capacity - 100 people
Over the last year of creativity, the following projects have been carried out: "Sratch-art project", "Project Battle of sense or Address of capacities", "Movable-immovable", "Infantilismus", Action "Funeral panehida", "Gook mixtape presentation", Action " Sobranie.Russian black "together with Ute Kilter, Action" Caution next stop hills", "Kvartirnik xs where" and "Hlebzawod Art Prize".
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