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Painting is a form of art that involves the creation of a visual image on a plane using various materials, paints, and tools. This can be a representational or abstract illustration of an object, idea, emotion, or concept.

Colour, textures, composition, shape, light and shadow are used to create a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional world. Painting allows artists to convey a wide range of emotions and ideas through the manipulation of visual elements.

The main mediums in painting are oil, acrylic, watercolour, and gouache. These paints can be applied to various surfaces – canvas, paper, wood, metal and even walls.

Painting has a rich history and includes a wide range of styles and techniques. Some of the key styles are realism, impressionism, abstract expressionism, surrealism, and pop art. The techniques used by the artists include brushwork, blending, layering, glazing, impasto and many more.

Painting has fascinated and inspired people for centuries and continues to be a vibrant and important form of artistic expression today.