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Terms and conditions of the contest

1. About the Contest

The painting contest at Jose Art Gallery is a wonderful opportunity for every artist within the Jose Art Gallery creative community to promote themselves and introduce their artworks to the audience. No entry fees are required for participation. We simply want to make the creative life of our artists more vibrant. Let the world see your unique art pieces!

2. Contest Stages and Nominations. Selection Process

The contest consists of three sequential, yet independent stages: "Best Painting of the WEEK," "Best Painting of the MONTH," and "Best Painting of the YEAR." 


This is the first contest and simultaneously a qualifying stage in the series of contests. The contest is held weekly from Monday to Sunday. Only paintings by artists with verified profiles are accepted for participation.

The selection of paintings for this contest is based on the number of views: the more users who view your painting, the higher your chances of being included in the contest. For nomination, 8 paintings that attracted the most attention and received the maximum number of views in the previous calendar month are selected. Views obtained through standard searches in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, as well as through recommendations on social networks and user activity on the Jose Art Gallery platform are considered.

The curatorial team of Jose Art Gallery has the right, but not the obligation, to nominate 4 out of 8 contestants for the "Best Painting of the Week" contest at their discretion from among the verified artists. The main goal of this initiative is to recognize and support members of our creative community for their active participation and professionalism in the activities of Jose Art Gallery.

The artwork that receives the most votes in the contest is declared the winner, receives the status of "Best Painting of the Week," and is once promoted to the TOP of all artworks in the "Works" section. The artist's profile of this painting receives a victory badge in this nomination.

The winning painting is nominated for the next stage of the contest – "Best Painting of the Month." 


Represents the second stage of our contest, conducted monthly. For this stage, artworks that have already won in the "Best Painting of the Week" nomination during the previous month are selected.

The artwork that receives the most votes is declared the winner and receives the title of "Best Painting of the Month," and is once promoted to the TOP of all artworks in the "Works" section. The artist's profile of this painting receives a victory badge in this nomination.


The final, culminating part of our contest, conducted once a year (in January of the following year). For this prestigious nomination, paintings are selected from among the winners of the monthly "Best Painting of the Month" contests throughout the current year. The final contest includes the 12 best works.

The winning painting receives the title of "Best Painting of the Year" and is once elevated to a place of honor in the TOP section of "Paintings" on our site. The artist's profile is marked with a victory indicator in this category.

In addition to honors and recognition, the artist whose work is deemed the best of the year will also receive an exclusive award from the contest organizers and a cash prize. The specific amount of the reward will be announced later, closer to the end of 2024.

3. View Count System for Painting Nomination in the "Best Painting of the Week" Contest

The system for counting the number of views of a painting is automatically carried out by the site by summing up the number of natural page openings (sessions) by site visitors (both registered and unregistered). The site's system does not account for artificial manipulation of views through repeated page entries and exits, page refreshes, or other methods mimicking views.

You can familiarize yourself with the number of views of your painting in the "Statistics" section under your profile tab.

4. Voting Process for Nominees 

Only two groups of users are exclusively allowed to participate in voting for the best painting of the week/month/year:   

  • Artists (and other sellers on the platform) whose profile is verified and who have been community members for at least one mont   
  • Collectors (buyers who have made at least one purchase on our site previously).

Each voting participant is entitled to three votes (within a specific contest stage). Withdrawing a vote (changing a vote) for a painting nominee is not permitted. Voting results are automatically tallied.

5. Informing Nominees and Winners of the Contest

Nominees and the contest winner are informed about the progress and results of the contest via email.

6. Contest Winner  

The painting that receives the most votes becomes the contest winner (for that stage of the contest) and is awarded the title of "Best Painting of the Week" / "Best Painting of the Month" / "Best Painting of the Year" accordingly, and the user profile of the painting is assigned a winner's badge.

In the event that several paintings receive an equal number of votes in the Contest, the winner's status is awarded to the painting that had the most views at the selection stage for the "Best Painting of the Week" contest.

7. How to Increase Your Painting's Chances for the "Best Painting of the Week" Nomination – The First and Selection Stage of the "Best Painting" Contests?

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Jose Art Gallery is a community of talented creative personalities, and your feedback and suggestions play a key role in our development. We are always open to your ideas on how we can improve our contest and the site as a whole. For any suggestions, please write to us at support@joseartgallery.com
We wish you creative success and a great mood! Let there be peace in your home!

With great respect,
Jose Art Gallery Team