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Revolutionize Photography - Walaa Abu Hamam - Jose Art Gallery
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One apple brought us all to this world, man and woman, to complete one another, not for you to savagely prey on me and throw the leftovers. Your misuse and abuse had left me helpless and insecure full of fear, conflicts and mistrust. With no remorse, regrets or mercy you left me suffering, scared, broken inside and forced to live with the constant reminder of your brutal attacks. Yet, this exhibition will mark a new beginning “Revolutionize”, presents rebellion from within, against sexual abuse, and gives us a closer look to the cruel, savage and in humane acts women get exposed to as a result of sexual assaults.

Description of the Photography "Revolutionize":

Size90 W × 60 H × 3 D   cm
Year of creation2011
Genre Story
$460 USD
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Walaa Abu Hamam
From Walaa Abu Hamam , Israel
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