Surprise! Sculpture - Adam Rosa - Jose Art Gallery
Surprise! Sculpture - Adam Rosa - Jose Art Gallery
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Surprise! – sculpture

Characteristics of the Sculpture “Surprise!”

Year of creation2014
Dimensions50 W × 18 H × 12 D   cm
Weight20 kg
Type of artsculpture
Type of packagingwooden box
conceptconceptualexperimentalhapticblindperformancesite specificstory specificpost industrialprimitivismnaturalismstatuesculpturereal surrealartificialnaturalauthenticstory drivennatural stonesandstonefolknew peoplefolkishfolk arttrash art

Description of the Artwork “Surprise!”

Conceptual art that has quite a few stories, also is based on a story itself: A friends friend used to have a male cat, and it leaved for him nasty surprises in his slippers. Sometimes, he stepped into it when he went for a smoke in the middle of a night, and it caused other nasty accidents. One day he came home a little drunk and mad about the cat, watching his slippers and thinking about the poo he is to watch out for every time and he taught a genius taught. How about if i preceed the cat, and leave a poo for it! And when it comes to do its shady deed, the cat will get the nasty surprise! Anyway his drunken courrage kicked in, and he did it. It was not easy but he succeeded in his endeavour, and the result perplexed and embazzled the cat so much it never went into a slipper again. This is a statue comemorating this moment. Conceptual sculpture hand made during sympozium made in 6 hours night time, open air carved on haptic recognition of a shape on site reclaimed natural sandstone


Adam RosaCzechia
Original sculpture, 50×18 cm, 2014
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist
Adam Rosa

Adam Rosa, Czechia

@rosastonecarver Stone Sculptor Art Primitif Contemporain Post Industrial Object Ancient Culture Context My main topic is FEMALE FORM i adore IDOLS and ARTEFACTS of prehistoric cultures early medieval GODDESSES and women SAINTS also a concept of THROWING STONES and MONOLITHS. Post Neolithic stone CARVINGS and STELIC ART. the tradition and folklore is where i get my INSPIRATION the form, subject, expression and context are CONTEMPORARY i prefer AUTHENTICITY and PROCESS over formality New folk and folklore!

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