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@rosastonecarver Stone Sculptor Art Primitif Contemporain Post Industrial Object Ancient Culture Context My main topic is FEMALE FORM i adore IDOLS and ARTEFACTS of prehistoric cultures early medieval GODDESSES and women SAINTS also a concept of THROWING STONES and MONOLITHS. Post Neolithic stone CARVINGS and STELIC ART. the tradition and folklore is where i get my INSPIRATION the form, subject, expression and context are CONTEMPORARY i prefer AUTHENTICITY and PROCESS over formality New folk and folklore!

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Authentic is the real Art


(excerpt until 2023) 2006 Houpačka Gallery, Dvůr Králové, CZ 2007 Sculpture school, Hořice, CZ 2009 Municipal Museum, Hořice, CZ 2012 Deepcamp, Ostrava, CZ 2012 Next Wave, Prague, CZ 2010 - 2015 Art Café, Hradec Králové, CZ 2013 Rural activity centre Vagon, Holovousy, CZ 2013 - 2015 Art Café, Hradec Králové, CZ 2015 - 2018 Bohemian Paradise Stone, Sedmihorky, CZ 2016 Vísky, Stone Nativity Scene, permanent exhibition, CZ 2016 Morzin-Czernin Chapel, Vrchlabí, CZ 2017 StoneMasonWorks Gallery, Chodovice, CZ 2017 - 2018 Industrial areal Kolora, , Železný brod, CZ 2018 Private park Kovač, statuary, permanent exhibition, CZ 2017 - 2020 StoneMasonWorks gallery, Chodovice CZ 2018 areal Kačák, Vrchlabí, CZ 2018 Castle Pecka, Pecka, CZ 2019 - 2020 Castle Pecka, Pecka, CZ 2020 StoneMasonWorks Gallery, Chodovice, CZ 2020 Old Townhall Gallery, Dvůr Králové, CZ 2020 Lucy of the Sun, Bělohrad, permanent exhibition, CZ 2021 - 2023 Castle Pecka, Pecka, CZ 2021 StoneMasonWorks Gallery, Chodovice CZ 2021 Magion, Bělá woodlands, permanent landart-statuary, CZ 2021 - 2023 Geopark Jewelery, Nová Paka, CZ 2022 Exotic Benches, Castle Pecka, permanent exhibition, CZ 2022 Castle Lives!, fortress Hořice CZ 2023 Spring Expo, fortress Zbraslavice CZ 2023 StoneMasonWorks Gallery, Chodovice CZ 2023 Lapidarium, Castle Pecka CZ


Linguistic Grammar School Hořice Basic Art School Hořice (Rejmont, Bihelerová) Industrial School of Stone Mining, Engeneering and Sculpture Atelier private tuition (Wagner, Tichý) Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek in Prague Apprenticeship in StoneMasonWorks University of Hradec Králové Maestro in StoneMasonWorks Resident stone sculptor at Javorka quarry

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