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Kissing a dragon

Adam RosaCzechia
Original sculpture, 18×32 cm, 2021
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Characteristics of the Sculpture “Kissing a dragon”

Year of creation2021
Dimensions18 W × 32 H × 12 D   cm
Weight15 kg
Type of artsculpture
architectureoldsculptureancienthistorystoneculturereligionstatuereliefdragoncastlesteel artcontemporary artneofolksandstonenatural stonestonecarvingstonecuttingstonesculptingstonemasoncraftgiftdecornatural

Description of the Artwork “Kissing a dragon”

Relief depicting unity between princess and a dragon

About the artist
Adam Rosa

Adam Rosa, Czechia

@rosastonecarver Stone Sculptor Art Primitif Contemporain Post Industrial Object Ancient Culture Context My main topic is FEMALE FORM i adore IDOLS and ARTEFACTS of prehistoric cultures early medieval GODDESSES and women SAINTS also a concept of THROWING STONES and MONOLITHS. Post Neolithic stone CARVINGS and STELIC ART. the tradition and folklore is where i get my INSPIRATION the form, subject, expression and context are CONTEMPORARY i prefer AUTHENTICITY and PROCESS over formality New folk and folklore!

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