The double-sided icon Jesus a Painting by Sergiy Berezin
The double-sided icon Jesus a Painting by Sergiy Berezin
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Characteristics of the Painting “The double-sided icon Jesus a”

Year of creation2023
Dimensions39 W × 56 H × 1 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsoil, metal
iconmother of godJesusiconographyorder an iconiconmother of godjesusicon paintingorder icon

Description of the Artwork “The double-sided icon Jesus a”

Automatic translation

The double-sided icon "Jesus and the Mother of God" is written in oil on a steel sheet. Halos are made of natural gold leaf. The icon was commissioned by one of the local churches for the iconostasis. I accept similar orders for icons all the time. I restore old icons.

The double-sided icon Jesus a

Sergiy BerezinUkraine
Original artwork, 39×56 cm, 2023
The artwork has been sold
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About the artist

I am Sergey Valentinovich Berezin, a soul intertwined with the vibrant canvas of life since 1959, residing amidst the serene landscapes of Stryi, Ukraine. An artisan of self-discovery, I emerged as an autodidact in the realm of art. In 1982, I graced the halls of the National Art University in Leningrad, now bathed in the luminescence of St. Petersburg. Simultaneously, I delved into the alchemy of inorganic compounds, earning a diploma from Lviv Polytechnic. This fusion of artistic fervor and scientific acumen birthed my bespoke designer paints, a symphony of hues unparalleled in their uniqueness. The genesis of my artistic voyage traces back to the gentle strokes of my mother's hand, an adept maestro of her time. My oeuvre transcends the confines of conventional artistry, birthing a stylistic paradigm uniquely my own. Discerning connoisseurs readily identify the unmistakable signature of my craft within each stroke and hue. Within my palette, antiquity converges with modernity as I adorn my canvases with glazes hewn from the remnants of my familial legacy. Pigments from epochs past, relics of the 19th century, imbue my creations with a mesmerizing allure, akin to the ethereal dance of watercolors. My creations traverse continents, embraced by the embrace of patrons across the globe. Embarking on a kaleidoscopic journey through regional exhibitions, my artistic odyssey reached its zenith at the international stage. In 2003, in the hallowed halls of Europe, I was bestowed with the prestigious first prize at the "Mother and Child" exhibition, a testament to the benevolent symbiosis of art and philanthropy. The heart of Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, bore witness to my myriad exhibitions, each a paean to the collective consciousness of our era. Today, I stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, perpetually questing for the avant-garde in the tapestry of modern art. With each brushstroke, I endeavor to illuminate the existential tapestry of humanity, beckoning viewers to introspection and enlightenment. I extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering patronage, and may your journey through my gallery be a tapestry of joy and enlightenment. Happy perusing! 🎨

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