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Sergіy Berezіn

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Hello, dear guests of my page!! My name is Serhii Valentynovich Berezin. I was born in 1959 and still live in the picturesque city of Stryi, Ukraine. Self-taught artist. In 1982, he graduated by correspondence from the National Art University in Leningrad (today St. Petersburg). In the same year, he received a specialist diploma in the field of chemistry of inorganic compounds from the Lviv Polytechnic. This helps me a lot in the development of my own designer paints, which are not similar to anything else. I learned the basics of painting from my mother, who at one time was a very high-class artist. My technique is not similar to the already known methods of the art school. I have created my own style that is different from others. For those who have my works, you will easily recognize the strokes that are characteristic of my technique. For the glaze, I often use paints left over from my mother and grandfather. Very old paints and pigments of the 19th century, which allow you to work even in the technique of absolute stretching of colors, similar to the watercolor technique. Many works were bought by my fans and are located in different countries of the world. He repeatedly participated in regional exhibitions. One of them was special, for example, in Moscow (international exhibition "Mother and Child" in 2003), where he received the first prize for sponsoring the international fund to help needy children. There were many exhibitions in the capital of Ukraine. Now I work in different styles and constantly look for something new in solving the problems of modern painting to show where we stand in this society and how painting makes us think about our existence. Thank you for your attention and happy shopping!

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