Summer romance Painting by Eleonora Obukhova
Summer romance Painting by Eleonora Obukhova
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Summer romance

Original artwork, 50×70 cm, 2023
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Characteristics of the Painting “Summer romance”

Year of creation2023
Dimensions50 W × 70 H × 2 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Stylecontemporary art
Materialsoil, canvas
Type of packagingcardboard box
colorfulTexturecoloryellowartorangeSummerRosesModern paintingFloral still lifesStill life roses

Description of the Artwork “Summer romance”

Automatic translation

This picture is a reflection of summer evenings filled with warmth, the smell of roses and indescribable romance. Eleonora Obukhova skillfully conveys the summer mood through a rich palette of colors, where yellow and orange tones are harmoniously intertwined with a wealth of texture. The use of the theme of roses not only adds to the beauty of the still life, but also symbolizes the depth of emotions and the eternal beauty of nature.

Artwork in the interior

About the artist

Obukhovа Eleanorа Ukraine, Kiev. My painting is my World, it is a reflection of me: my thoughts, emotions, life, values, that which is hidden fr om prying eyes. I like to see this World Beautiful and this Beautiful I want to share with others. Each person on Earth sees this World in his own way. Each person draws in his imagination his living space, in which he is well and comfortable. Most of us run through life without noticing what is happening around, I want to make the audience stop for a moment and look back at the beauty that surrounds us. I will help you to see this unique World with my eyes. My career began with an art school, where I was engaged in graphics and watercolors. Participated in various exhibitions. I also minted on copper and brass. From 10 years old, she began to draw female images with graphics, conveying her mood and emotions, at that time not yet mature, children's, with the help of a drawing. There was a great desire to become an artist. Also engaged in painting on glass. I always wanted to paint in oil, so when I started to continue my studies, I made the choice at the painting studio of Nadezhda Kulinichenko, in which I got acquainted with the basics of academic painting. She continued her studies at the private school of the Artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Olga Dumanskaya. Wh ere was the full course of academic drawing, academic painting, portraiture At the moment I am the organizer and head of the painting studio "World of Painting" on Podil The artist’s paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Belarus, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United States, Bulgaria, Belgium A series of architectural paintings in Belarus formed the basis of the advertising products of Belarus (calendars, magnets, cups...)

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