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Eleonora Obukhova

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About the artist Eleonora Obukhova

Obukhovа Eleanorа Ukraine, Kiev. My painting is my World, it is a reflection of me: my thoughts, emotions, life, values, that which is hidden fr om prying eyes. I like to see this World Beautiful and this Beautiful I want to share with others. Each person on Earth sees this World in his own way. Each person draws in his imagination his living space, in which he is well and comfortable. Most of us run through life without noticing what is happening around, I want to make the audience stop for a moment and look back at the beauty that surrounds us. I will help you to see this unique World with my eyes. My career began with an art school, where I was engaged in graphics and watercolors. Participated in various exhibitions. I also minted on copper and brass. From 10 years old, she began to draw female images with graphics, conveying her mood and emotions, at that time not yet mature, children's, with the help of a drawing. There was a great desire to become an artist. Also engaged in painting on glass. I always wanted to paint in oil, so when I started to continue my studies, I made the choice at the painting studio of Nadezhda Kulinichenko, in which I got acquainted with the basics of academic painting. She continued her studies at the private school of the Artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Olga Dumanskaya. Wh ere was the full course of academic drawing, academic painting, portraiture At the moment I am the organizer and head of the painting studio "World of Painting" on Podil The artist’s paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Belarus, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United States, Bulgaria, Belgium A series of architectural paintings in Belarus formed the basis of the advertising products of Belarus (calendars, magnets, cups...)

Exhibitions of Eleonora Obukhova

Exhibitions 1. “VIII Ukrainian art week” - Kiev, autumn 2013, 2–3 place in the international painting competition; 2. Personal exhibition in the Wunjo-Art Gallery "I will give you Peace ...", Kiev, 2013; 3. “Art Week in Czech Republic” - Czech Republic, Prague, January 2014; 4. “Art Week in Portugal” - Portugal, Lisbon, March-April 2014, 2-3 place in the international painting competition; 5. “Art Week in Poland” - Poland, Warsaw, February 2015; 6. “IX Ukrainian art week” –Kiev, spring 2014, 1-2-3 place in the international painting competition; 7. “X Ukrainian art week” –Kiev, autumn 2014, 1st place in the international painting competition; 8. Participant of the charity auction "Rosumna Lіkarnya" - Kiev, 2014; 9. “Project ARKA” - Exhibition at the Young Theater, Kiev, December 2014 –January 2015; 10. "TALENT ENERGY FEST 2" - Kiev, February-March 2015; 11. All-Ukrainian project “We have one share, Ukraine”, Ukraine, August-September 2015; 12. “XI Ukrainian art week” - Kiev, autumn 2015, 1-2 places in the international painting competition; 13. “XII Ukrainian art week” - Kiev, spring 2016, 1st place in the international painting competition; 14. “Collection of painting 2016” April - November 2016, Kiev, Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine; 15. All-Ukrainian exhibition from the National Union of Artists of Ukraine “Malovnichia Ukraine” June 2016, Sumy; 16. National Academy of Arts, All-Ukrainian exhibition, Kiev, June 2016; 17. Exhibition in Greece “We have one share the name of the fourth Ukraine” summer 2016; 18. Exhibition from the Portal of Independent Artists of Ukraine "New Way Painters. Summer" Kiev, 2016; 19.. "Cultural and Art Center", Kiev, a joint exhibition of Eleanor Obukhov-Dumanskaya Olga. July-August 2016; 20. “Art week in China” - China, Beijing, September 2016; 21.Exhibition in the gallery “Mitets” Kiev, September 2016; 22. “XIII Ukrainian art week” - Kiev, November 2016, 1, 3 places in the international painting competition; 23. Personal exhibition of painting “Where Dreams May Come” January-February 2017. Kiev, Andreevsky Descent, I.P. Kavaleridze Museum-Workshop. Presented 56 paintings by the artist and 35 paintings by students of the artist. 24. “XIV Ukrainian art week” - Kiev, autumn 2017 1st place “Balthazar Longen's Dream” 25. Personal exhibition “I Bach Light My Soul Farby on the Canvas of My Thoughts” December 2019 Kiev, Andriyivskyy Descent, I.P. Kavaleridze Museum-Workshop

Education of Eleonora Obukhova

Art School No. 1 Bila Tserkva 1991 Boguslavsky Humanitarian College named after I.S. Nechuya-Levitsky 1995 Uman State Pedagogical University named after P. Tychina 2000 Interregional Academy of Personnel Management 2008 School of painting of Nadezhda Kulinichenko, academic painting 2012 Olga Dumanskaya Private School of Painting, academic drawing, academic painting, portraiture

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