Church over the river Painting by Artem Denisenko - Jose Art Gallery
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Church over the river

When I first saw this church, I was “her” as if I had simply not noticed ... But I remembered it in the evening when I was in complete silence and tranquility, which gave me some thoughts, memories, and simply inspired, forcing me to return to The temple the next day, to notice. When this happened, I didn’t write a picture for a long time, just admired this lonely church over the river in the wilderness, which gave it “charming” and at the same time frightened, but the most strange reminded me of me and made me understand , we are very similar ... Wherever it is, and how it did not happen, but "faith" is immortal and I am sure that this is the main foundation, thanks to which we can keep afloat, even under water. As this ancient Church is in the wilderness, which is a hundred years old, but it is still , stands, alive, thanks to his and our common faith. ... but I started writing, it happened all the same!)

Description of the Painting "Church over the river":

Materials oil/canvas
Size35 W × 25 H × 1.5 D   cm
Year of creation2018
Genre Landscape
Style Impressionism
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$150 USD
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Artem Denisenko
From Artem Denisenko , Ukraine
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