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Painter Denisenko Artem, Sumy region. He was born in 1991 in the city of Konotop Sumy region. I worked in different places, with different directions in creativity, was a 2D artist, web designer, retoucher and production designer in music videos on television. But as soon as I realized, that this painting is mine, a wave of emotions, feelings and life on canvas. As the picture lives and breathes, thanks to the fact that I give "her" a tiny part of "myself, and she comes to life, becoming a kind of "volunteer" that would please the eyes of others. I myself am a universal person in the field of art: artist, musician and poet at the same time, otherwise it can not be, we are all people of creativity "not with one wing," we just need to learn notice on time. After all,"Color, sound and word" are like puzzles that you need to learn to collect and I learned. And it seems that he knew how to do it since childhood :) This, in turn, inspires me and makes me live, not exist. And just do what you love, what I really do and can do !!

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The participant of various regional, regional exhibitions and all-Ukrainian fairs. Also my works are not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.


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In 2008 he graduated from the art school in Konotop 2008-2014-training of NTUU "KPI named after Igor Sikorsky", Faculty "PPI", Department of "graphics" for the specialty "fine arts"

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