The Dancer Painting by Mark Macko - Jose Art Gallery

Characteristics of the Painting “The Dancer”

Year of creation2019
Dimensions41 W × 51 H × 2 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsacrylic, fabric

Description of the Artwork “The Dancer”

This is an original painting of a ballerina preparing to dance. I painted this with both brush and palette knife to emphasize movement and an Impressionistic look. The most dramatic aspect of this young woman preparing to dance is "light" and how it adds energy and excitement. This painting really works well and draws the viewer in. The colors are subtle but the contrast is intense.

The Dancer

Mark MackoUnited States
Original artwork, 41×51 cm, 2019
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist
Mark Macko

Mark Macko, United States

Art is my mind, heart, and soul. Sometimes I seek ideas-take photos- plein air- etc., now most things are in my mind -I create using all of the images, feelings, ideas, nature, emotions I have experienced. I often loose myself when working - but not always- you can't force it. When I do loose myself color is applied emotionally and I paint what I feel - sorrow, joy, truth-imagine that! I seek to create "fresh" work and if successful it will capture anxiety, love, melancholy. Prophets were people who recognized the truth and told the truth- I try to be truthful. I have observed the world around me for decades - the human condition, light, shadow, hues- and when everything is working it is undeniable. I really enjoy creating large paintings -they can be so dramatic - tragedy, excitement, doom, exhilaration-and a statement. Art like truth cannot be denied.

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